How to get started with Fluid

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Getting to grips with a new solution can be challenging and overwhelming - so we've put together what we hope is just enough of the right information to get you started.

Fluid's modules can be used individually or together, to create a powerful solution for managing everything you need to do across your eco-system of meetings, projects, teams and Sprint/Kanban execution.

Each section below will take you through how to get started with a specific module.


Fluid Homepage

The homepage provides an overview of your entire eco-system. It helps you plan and manage your work day with a list of all your tasks, projects, meetings, boards and workhubs. 

With just a click, you are able to create and navigate to the tasks that are assigned to you, as well as your meetings, projects, boards and workhubs. Jump in and get started by reading more information on the homepage here.

Fluid Meetings

Just two small changes in how you run meetings can deliver HUGE benefits for everyone!

Instead of...

Do this instead...

Running a meeting?.... writing up meeting minutes in word or excel action trackers and sending out emails.… capture and manage the meeting content directly in Fluid.
Attending a meeting?... searching for minutes, updating excel action trackers or sending updates via email.… access and update actions and provide feedback directly in Fluid.

Fluid helps you track, plan and manage outcomes while gaining insight into the effectiveness of your meetings.

  • Metrics help you to measure just how effective and valuable your meetings really are!
  • Meeting agenda and minutes are visible to everyone. Better transparency means improved accountability!
  • Immediate access to all meeting information - and generating minutes at the touch of a button.
  • Keep the conversation moving forward between sessions, keeping matters arising off the agenda!
  • Enjoy having all updates contextually linked to what they are related to. No more searching through emails, WhatsApp groups and other off-line solutions to reconstruct what was said.

Ready to get started? Great! Take a look at a quick introduction video on Fluid Meetings. You can also find all the information required for meetings here. Our advice is to start with the Introduction to Meetings and How to run a meeting in Fluid articles.

We've also put together what to consider before the meeting, during the meeting, dn after the meeting.

Fluid Projects

The Projects module is fully customisable and simple to use - making it easy to run all kinds of projects. You'll find a wide range of project features for setting out a detailed project schedule, dynamic reporting for your portfolios, including financials, impacts, benefits and a lot more.

The best place to start learning more about Projects is with a quick overview of the Project Workspace and Fluid's dynamic, real-time executive reporting. You can then find out more about project financials, timesheeting and reporting capabilities here.

If you need any help to configure the Projects module or to get started, simply reach out to the team on and someone will be in touch!

Fluid Boards

Boards help teams visualise the flow of work, work collaboratively and get work done. 

A board consists of vertical columns to indicate which stage a task is in, tasks (or cards) that represent the work to be done and themes (or epics or swimlanes) to group tasks that have the same organisation goal or belong to the same body of work.

Using boards you can visually engage, organise, prioritise and track ad-hoc and agile team activity through fully customisable Sprint or Kanban boards

Create your first board and give it a try. It has never been easier to keep your team on track. Find more information on how to customise boards here.

Fluid Workhubs

Whilst projects, meetings and boards can exist independently, it is can be difficult to get a central view of execution across an ecosystem of multiple projects, meetings and boards - and the more there are the harder it becomes.

Workhubs are the perfect solution for pulling together programs, projects, meetings, team activity, agile execution, collaboration, and conversation into a single, simple streamlined interface so teams stay organised and on top of who needs to do what by when, no matter where they are! 

Actions, decisions, chat and collaboration from all meetings, projects and boards that are linked to the workhub are aggregated on the workhub page, allowing a centrally managed to-do list for any ecosystem.

Take action for your team activity & get started, Create a Workhub & simply build your Workhub ecosystem by linking all your team's meetings, boards and projects to your WorkHub - and Fluid will do the rest.

My Items

As part of a daily work process, tasks or actions are a necessity with driving progress on business objectives. Quick access and full visibility to track all tasks is crucial for providing you the advantage of working a better day. 

My Items gives you an egocentric view of everything you are assigned to. With the daily pieces of work that surrounds us, we need a place that can provide us with a view of all that we are required to do in our day's work. 

The key driving point with My Items is to give you the ability to track, update with chat and have full transparency of all conversation around the tasks that have been assigned to you. 

Start working a better day & learn more on my items - click here

Chat Hub

The basis of any team is communication and being able to share pieces of work easily with each other. 

The Chat Hub gives you a full view of all your channels and your open and overdue commitments for each one. You can manage all your collaboration and most of your execution from this window.

Click here to find out more about Chat Hub. Learn how to use Fluid Chat Commands to quickly and easily send out actions and decisions right from the chat stream of any meeting, project, team or board! 

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