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'My Items' is a space to centrally manage and view everything you are assigned to across your ecosystem of meetings, boards, projects and teams.

You can navigate to My Items from your home page by either:

  • Navigating to My Items -> Open My Items on the top navigation; OR

  • Clicking anywhere in the Request and Actions section on the home page (depending on where you click you will be navigated to your My Items dashboard, filtered by the section of the chart you clicked on).


Dashboard Overview

My Items Dashboard


Filtering items:
Quick filter your items by selecting one of the status summaries on the secondary navigation bar - or use the filtering options on the left-hand filter panel:
  • Due Date: Filter by only your overdue items, or everything that's due this week; allowing you to prioritise your workload.
  • Status: Filter your assigned items by their status. Remember to accept all items with a status of Request by setting their status to Not Started or In Progress which shows the person who assigned them to you that you are in the game. 
  • Type: Filter your dashboard by type; actions, decisions or board tasks.
  • Priority: Filter your items to see only those that are High, Medium or Low priority.
  • Theme: Filter items by theme. Actions, decisions, and tasks in Fluid can be categorised, or themed, by the owners or facilitators who assigned them to make their content easier to manage. 
  • From: Where the items are from. Use this filter to view only items from a specific meeting, project, board or teamspace.

Clearing filters:
Use CLEAR ("x" icon) to clear all filters currently applied.

Sorting items:
Change the sorting and ordering of the items displayed. Reselecting a sorting option from the list will reorder as ascending and descending:
  • % Complete: Order items by their percentage completion. 
  • Created on date: Order items by the date they were created. 
  • Due Date: Order items by their due date.
  • Modified on Date: Order items by the date that changes were last made to items.
  • Priority: Order items according to their priority.
  • Task Type: Order items according to their type. 
  • Title: Order items in alphabetical order.

Updating the status of an item:
Use the drop-down to update the status of each item. Newly assigned actions will have a status of Request. Accept them by setting their status to Not Started or In Progress which shows the person who assigned them that you are in the game. You can also Reject an item with comments as to why!

Adding Comments:
Click on a chat icon to open the items chat channel on the right-hand side to see all the conversation around the item - or post your own update. From here you can also use Fluid's smart commands to add a formal status update, or change the status - for more on natural language commands, click here.

Quick Complete:
Use the option to quickly update your actions/decisions.
Add a sub-task:
Add a follow-on sub-task (including actions/decisions) to your tasks.
Sub-task status:
Review the sub-task's status and percentage complete.

Listed items are colour coded to identify their type:

  • Actions (Blue)
  • Decision (Purple
  • Board task (Orange)

Below the title of an item you can see:

  • Where the item comes from 
  • The date the item was created
  • Whether there are any attachments on an item

If the item has passed its due date, the date details will be flagged red to signify it is overdue.



Action Dialog

To see more detail on an item - like the progress of other assignees, or to view and upload documents - open the dialog box by clicking on the title of the item.


  • Assignees CAN update the status of an item and add comments.
  • Assignees CANNOT edit the title, description, priority, theme, due date, or assignees.


From the dialog box you can select / de-select options from the left hand panel:

ChecklistChecklist - Add checklist items to keep track of what needs to be done. Add as many checklist items as you want with the ability to reorder or delete.
AttachmentsAttachments - add documents or links to all supporting content is in one place.
Follow On - assign 'sub-actions' to people who may need to do things in support of your activity. Terminology is important here... The original item is known as the 'parent', the sub-action is known as a 'follow-on'. Follow-on actions are always shown under 'Follow On' on their parent with current status and individual progress. Clicking on a follow-on action opens it in it's own dialog box.
Open Parent - Follow-on actions have an extra navigation option called 'Open Parent' which allows you to navigate back to the dialogue for the parent item. 
CommentsComments - see all the contextual chat on the item since the day it was created!
Permalink - a unique URL for the item, making it easier to share with others.
Amend Action - to allow changes that may need to be added, you're able to edit/amend the details of the action. 


The ability to download documents can be turned off if there is a concern around document leakage, in which case uploaded documents can only be viewed using PREVIEW.


The decision dialogue lists all assignees with their individual approval status and any comments they may have had for a rejection or conditional approval.


A conditional status on a decision is considered an OPEN status as you haven't made a decision either way. Items that are Approved or Rejected are considered closed and will be moved to closed items.

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