Fluid's Chat Commands

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In this article we cover Fluid's natural language commands that allow you to quickly and easily send out actions and decisions right from the chat stream of any meeting, project, team or board!

First - what do you want to create? Type / and select from the list - or press TAB to select the highlighted option

Next - who should it be assigned to?  @mention specific assignees, or use @Channel to assign the item to all the members. Select the person from the list or keep typing and press TAB when the required assignee is highlighted. NOTE: If you don't @mention anyone the item will be assigned to you!

Set a due date by using Fluids natural language to specify when you need your request done by. For a full list of date commands see the bottom of this page!

To theme an item simply use # and type in your key word - this will theme the item with the keyword making filtering and sorting through assigned items even easier. 

Once you have finished entering the details for your action or decision click Send. 


The status of an action or decision can also be updated by simply typing the following slash commands into the chat stream for the item: 


  • /accept - accepts a task and sets it to not started
  • /complete - sets a task to 100% complete
  • /reject - sets the status of an item as rejected



  • /approve - sets the status of a decision to approved
  • /conditional - sets the status of a decision to conditionally approved ('conditional' is still an open state so will still appear as an open item)
  • /reject - sets the status of a decision to rejected


Use /Status to surface a comment as a formal status update on an item. When extracting the action and decision log to excel the most recent /Status tagged comment on each item will be pulled out as the latest status update.


Capturing meeting content from the session channel

You can also use natural language commands from the chat stream of a meeting session to populate meeting content onto the session:

  • Navigate to your meeting session;
  • Open up the session channel by clicking on the chat icon at the top of the browser window;
  • Type into the input box and select your command;
  • Type out the title of the item you want to add;
  • @mention the owner (if required);
  • Use natural language to set a due date (if required);
  • Hi Send;
  • .... and watch your content pop up onto the session!

Fluids Natural Language Due Date Commands

The following are valid due date commands:

  • due ...
  • due by ...
  • due on ...
  • due at ...

Then include by when. You can use simple commands - here are some examples:

  • today
  • tomorrow
  • thursday
  • this friday
  • next wednesday
  • next week (will set a due date of Monday the following week)
  • next month (will add a due date of the 1st of the following month)
  • november (will set a due date of 1 November)

... Or you can use specific dates - here are some examples:

  • January 5
  • 22nd of june
  • 5th may 2017
  • February twenty first
  • dec 25
  • may 27th
  • October 2006
  • oct 06
  • jan 3 2010
  • february 14, 2004
  • february 14th, 2004
  • 3 jan 2000
  • 17 april 85
  • 5/27/1979
  • 27/5/1979
  • 05/06
  • 1979-05-27
  • Friday

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