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Your chat hub is the heartbeat  of your ecosystem. It gives you a full view of all your channels and your open and overdue commitments for each one. You can manage all your collaboration and most of your execution from this window.

The Fluid chat hub can be accessed from anywhere in Fluid by selecting Chat Hub on the primary menu at the top right of the page.

Channel Listing (Left Panel)

All the meetings, projects, teams, boards or groups you are a member of each has its own channel which are neatly listed down the left hand side of the chat hub. 

From the header for the left panel header you can:

  • get a count of all unread chat
  • search for a specific channel
  • refresh the channel list
  • create a new Fluid Group - when you simply want to start a conversation and send out a few actions

On each if the channel entries listed you can quickly see:

  • the name of the channel
  • what type of channel it is - meeting, project, team, board, group
  • a count of open and/or overdue items that are assigned to you from the channel Open
  • a count of unread chat on the channelunread badge
  • preview of the last chat entry

Chat Stream / Dashboard (Right Panel)

The right hand panel displays the chat stream and the action dashboard for the selected channel.


From the header for the right panel you can:

  • Switch between a chat streams conversation and its action dashboard by clicking on the View Actions or View Chat icons - badging here also provides a count of open and/or overdue items that are assigned to you from the channel you are in.
  • navigate directly to the meeting, project, team or board the channel belongs to by clicking on the channel title
  • get a view of all the members in the channel
  • refresh the channel
  • access more channel information from 3-dot menu - from here you can see more on who owns the channel, or change its avatar!

Under channel information (the 3-dot menu) for groups:
  • The owner CAN edit membership 
  • Members can 'leave' a group. 

Under channel information (the 3-dot menu) for workhubs, meetings, projects or boards:
  • The owner CANNOT edit membership - the owner must navigate into the meeting, project, team or board and edit the settings.
  • Members CANNOT 'leave'. If you want to leave why not @mention the owner with your request that you be removed.

How to access all the chat for an item from the chat stream

All comments and updates drop into the chat stream in date and time order, but you can easily identify what a chat belongs to from the sub-text just below a chat entry. 

Click on the sub-text to open the items dialog so you can view more info, make status updates or view all the chat related to the item by clicking on 'Comments' on the dialog's left panel...


Chat can also be accessed from the right hand chat panel...

You can also access your chat channels in a panel on the right of the browser window by clicking on the chat icon in the navigation at the top of the browser window - or by clicking on the chat icon of an action or decision. For more on updating assigned actions/decisions, click here.

The chat panel header displays the name of the channel you are in. The header also provides options to close Close, refresh the page, access the menu - or navigate back to the full list of all your channelsBack To Channels




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