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Your Fluid home page provides an overview of your entire eco-system. It helps you plan and manage your work day with the list of all your tasks, projects, meetings, boards and workhubs. 

Feel at home and let's take a closer look at each section of the home page in turn.


The top navigation bar of the page contains all the main options for getting where you need to go in Fluid. From creating tasks, searching for information or team members or getting in touch with the support team for all queries. 

You can start to find what you need to start working a better day with the following:

Home: The Fluid logo is the 'Home' button. Click here to navigate back to your home page from anywhere in Fluid.

My Items: Everything assigned to you from your ecosystem can be found under My Items - allowing you to manage all your commitments from across your eco-system in one place.

Fluid Modules: Fluids modules include Projects, Meetings, WorkHubs and Execution (Sprint/Kanban) Boards - from here you can access the modules that you are subscribed to in Fluid.

ChatHub:The heartbeat of your eco-system, includes all the chat channels for the meetings, projects, etc. that you are a part of.
Create Button: 

The button to create new:

  • Actions
  • Decisions
  • Timesheets
  • Timesheet Corrections
  • Meetings
  • Project/Programs
  • Teamspaces
  • Boards 
  • Project Search (Watchlists) 

Adding new sessions to an existing meeting in Fluid should be done from a meetings dashboard.

Recent: The last 5 pages you have navigated to. Click on any of them to go back to the selected page.

Favourites:The list of the pages you have added to your favourites. You can find the favourite icon at the top of the workspace of each meeting, workhub, project or board.The favourites option on the navigation panel will only appear once you favourite pages. Click on any links to navigate to the selected workspace.
Search: Quickly search the platform for a specific meeting, workhub, project, board or person.

Chat: The chat icon opens your chat panel on the right of the browser window to access your chat channels.

Help: Navigate to the Fluid Knowledge Base or contact the team using Live Chat (Live Chat is a premium service offering).

Profile:View or edit your profile - reset your password, change your email address, upload your avatar or adjust your notification settings.

What's New:Your one-stop shop for all the latest updates in Fluid
Invite Team: Invite your team to join you on Fluid! (This option is only visible if the instance has been set up to allow anyone to invite new users).

Support (Live Chat) Contact our support team using Live Chat.

Tools: The options available under Tools depends on the page you are on. Here you will be able to export the page you are on to PDF, download content to an excel extract, bulk edit content, extract word and powerpoint reports and lots more!

Upcoming Meetings

The Upcoming Meetings section on the home page lists your scheduled meetings for the filtered period. This section functions as your personal assistant.

From the top of the section you can:

For more information on meetings and accessing your meetings, click here.

Requests and Actions

A dashboard overview of your assigned actions, and your action activity over the last 30 days. 

Clicking anywhere on the dashboard will navigate you to your dashboard of assigned items (My Items) where you can centrally manage everything that is assigned to you from across your ecosystem of meetings, boards, projects and teams.

The Requests & Actions section starts off the work day with all tasks that need attention. Encompassing two fields (Open Items & Last 30 Days) that build out into the following:

OPEN ITEMS:  The number of items assigned to you and their current status:

  • Requests - new items you have been assigned that you need to acknowledge.

  • In Progress - 'Not Started' and 'In Progress' items.
  • Overdue - a count of the overdue items that are in 'Request', 'Not Started' or 'In Progress'.
  • Timesheet Approvals - timesheets awaiting your approval (available only if timesheets are enabled for the instance)

LAST 30 DAYS: Your activity on the items assigned to you in the last 30 days:

  • how many items have been assigned to you; and 
  • the how many of your assigned items have been closed.

The metrics shapes up with all tasks/items that can be found under the "My Items" tab. 


Fluid Projects is fully customisable and simple to use - making it easy to run all kinds of projects.

You can use the Active Projects component to access the projects you have recently visited. The list of projects displayed is also dependent on your instance configuration. The instance can be set up to:

  • only display the projects you are assigned to or are the project manager of, or
  • display any projects you recently accessed.

For more information on projects, click here.


This section shows your most recently visited sprint / kanban boards with a summary of the number of items assigned to you for each board. If the board is a sprint board you will see the end date of the current sprint. 

Clicking on a boards name will expand the view to display any meetings, projects or workhubs a board is linked to.

For more information on boards, click here.


WorkHubs - 'hubs' that allow you to link meetings, projects, boards and people together around a specific purpose and manage all the conversation and outputs in one place. 

Once workhubs are created, accessing them is as easy as clicking on a title that'll expand the view to display a count of the actions / decisions that are open on you and the team members - as well as everything that the WorkHub is linked to.  

The workhub encompasses all your projects, meetings and boards that make up the eco-system, so click on the "Create" button on the Navigation Panel and start building out your desired work day. 

For more information on WorkHubs, click here.

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