A quick introduction to Fluid Boards

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In a Fluid board, a Board owner or Manager will have a consolidated view of all workflow information. This allows board owners/managers to effectively manage the time, flow and stages of processes all from one space! Fluid Boards largely eliminates the need for status meetings with individuals and teams, since every stage in the process is clearly identified, in real time at any given time. 

Teams are able to effectively practice Lean and Agile workflow, with Fluid boards enabling the visibility and transparency necessary to achieve healthy business agility.

In every board you'll find different sections to manage your activity, namely:

With ease of navigation, these sections can be accessed interchangeably within a board. 

A look into a Fluid Board (Board view)

Fluid boards establish a connection for day-to-day activity that can profit managers and individuals with visibility on current streams of work, to ensure that top priority initiatives stay top priority, improving team efficiency.

  • From the Fluid homepage, click on Boards in the top navigation bar, and open one of your active boards by clicking on Open Board.


As managers, the strive to produce small to large numbers of activities that can be distributed to members, but still allow constant flow of communication, tracking of updates and a balance of all the requirements that aligns these efforts, is crucial. 

From the board view, all activity can be mapped out with tasks falling within various customisable status columns, easily helping you monitor and manage the workflow of these tasks. 

With convenient drag and drop functionality amidst other useful features, you can create the ideal view for certain team members, themes, or statues.

The use of a board in Fluid can assist with the following important requirements in your business process:

  • Highly flexible process of mapping out work
  • Measurement of productivity to increase team efficiency and reduce business costs
  • Visibility & transparency 
  • Gain a quick understanding of work item details

The board itself will provide a visual level of communication of the work being done that can be tracked from start to finish. 

Backlog section in a Fluid Board

The backlog was designed and created to provide a space where Managers are quickly and easily able to prioritize and manage tasks before they are placed on a board. In the backlog you will find all created tasks that have not yet been assigned to any particular board.

The backlog allows you to easily view a list of the backlogged tasks waiting to be prioritized and placed with dynamic drag and drop functionality into the correct board, to be completed later in the workflow process.

  • From the board view, access the backlog by clicking on the Backlog option. 

For Managers, this is the area to plan and outline the key pieces of work that will align with the business objectives. At a glance, you can see the number of tasks allocated to each board, as well as important task information on each item in the task list. 

In the backlog, it's easy to navigate back to your board view to continue your workflow process by selecting the board's name from the left-hand navigation.

Fluid Board Workspace

The Fluid Board Workspace pulls together all task data in a dynamic and interactive space, to deliver actionable insights and leverage predictive analytics. With these metrics, one is able to enhance their management process with improved decision making and planning. 

Benefits of the Board workspace include:

  • Quick glance reporting overview 
  • Multiple board single view summary
  • Interactive chart views
  • Work insights of all board tasks in one space
  • Filtering and grouping options that drill down into task-related specifics

The board workspace outlines task metrics in a visually pleasing way and can be accessed from 3 views in Boards, namely:

  • Board page

  • Board view

  • Backlog

To get started with exploring everything around boards, Click here.

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