Creating a New Board

Modified on Fri, 21 Apr 2023 at 12:00 PM

Creating a new board couldn't be easier! The only complexity is knowing which board you need to create - Sprint or Kanban - as it cannot be changed once the board has been created.

The use of a board in Fluid can assist with the following important points in your business process:

  • Highly flexible process of mapping out work
  • Measurement of productivity to increase team efficiency and reduce business costs
  • Visibility & transparency 
  • Gain a quick understanding of work item details

In this article, we will show you how to get started with creating a new board in Fluid.

Step 1. Create a new board

  • Click on the Global Create button in the top navigation bar from your home page in Fluid. Select New Board.


You will be presented with a Board Settings form to create your new board. The top part of the form is used to capture your new board details. (See below image for information on how to complete the board details).


What should we call your board?Use a descriptive title to easily identify your board.
Board OwnersIf you are creating a board, you will be added as the board owner by default. There can be multiple owners. Owners can edit the board settings, create/start/stop sprints (in a case of a Sprint board), archive Kanban tasks and edit any board tasks.
Board MembersAccess to the board is limited to board members. Board members can create and edit tasks, but they can't manage sprints or archive Kanban tasks.
Board ViewersShare your boards in a limited capacity with specific users for viewing purposes only. Board viewers have read/view only rights to a board.    
DescriptionProvide a description of what the board is for.
Board FunctionSet the function of the board. Any user can create an Agile board. Project administrators can also create Project Pipeline boards or Flex Boards if these features are turned on, on your instance. Please refer to the Project Pipeline articles for more information on project pipeline boards option. 
Allow Assignees to update card statusSet whether assignees who are not member of the board can update the task status or not.
Board TypeSet the board type as Sprint or Kanban. Remember: This cannot be changed later - so be sure of your board type when you create it!
Allow Work Requests?Set who can send requests to the board.
  • Owners and Members Onlyonly board owners and members can send requests to the board.
  • Limited Work Requestin addition to board owners and members, you can explicitly list users who can send requests to the board.
  • Community Requests: any member of the organisation can send requests to the board.
Please ask your application administrator if you do not see this option, as this means the work request feature has not been turned on.
Who can make requests to this board?Limit the number of users that can send requests to the board by setting a defined list. Note: this feature is only available when the "Limited Work Requests" option is applied. 
Work Request InstructionsGive clear instructions on how to fill a work request form.
Privacy flagIf a board is set to private, it will not be visible in the search for anyone who is not a board member.
Theme NameChoose a title name of the themes section.

Step 2. Complete and view your newly created board

  • Once all fields have been populated to your board's requirements, click the Create button to create your new board. Clicking on Create will drop you into the backlog of the board (in the case of a Sprint board) or onto the board itself (in the case of a Kanban board).

Alternatively, you can also customise your board before creating it. 

  • To learn how to add custom properties to board cards Click here.
  • To learn how to add/remove/reorder board columns Click here.
  • To learn how to customise board themes Click here.
  • To learn more about work requests Click here.

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