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The Board workspace is a view that allows you to create a compelling visual analysis to track and monitor task information. Managing workflow becomes a breeze as you are able to view tasks and metrics around a board's performance (how many tasks are open, overdue and closed within a given period).

In this article, we will show you how to access your board workspace and gain insight through the useful metrics we have implemented!

Step 1. Access the workspace from your board

  • Click on Board Workspace from your board. You can also access this button on any board tile from your list of boards when you access them from your Fluid homepage.

Ease of access

The board workspace provides an accessible left-hand navigation panel for ease of access to any of the sections comprising the workspace, such as: 

  • Work insight metrics
  • Tasks (all tasks from an individual board, as well as the sub boards)
  • Boards (the main board as well as all the sub boards)

As a key component from the left-hand navigation, a number of Tools can be accessed: 

  • Create a new task
  • Open board settings
  • Open backlog
  • Bulk edit
  • Export to excel
  • Archive history

NOTE: The list of options under Tools will differ based on the permission a user has on the board.

Work Insights

Work Insights display the metrics within the board workspace. At a glance, you can see the total daily count of tasks as they are in each stage, either open, overdue, new, closed, or closed overdue. 

Step 2. Access a consolidated view of your Work Insight

  • Access the view in your board workspace showing the total Count for each stage of progress.

  • When you hover over any of the dates, a window will appear that gives you an overview of the status of the tasks on that particular day. 


Work insight metrics values are calculated daily and do not represent a real-time view. This is important as you may notice a difference between the metrics and the number of actions shown in the board if new actions have been added or completed during the day.

  • Set the time period by simply clicking on the Show for Period dropdown, to change the period to 7 days, 2 weeks and 4 weeks. The chart will also update to reflect the selected period.

Viewing and Filtering tasks with Charts

The reporting and viewing of tasks under one space has been enhanced with the assistance of charts. Magnify different task details per chart by filtering on Tasks by Status, Task by Task Type and Tasks by Theme

Each chart provides an outline of how many tasks are represented in the board with that particular reporting status. You will also gain access to the list of tasks by filtering, when a section on the chart is selected. 

Step 3. Apply a filter on a chart

When you apply a filter on one of the charts, the tasks for that filter will display in a list below. 

  • Click on a theme in the Tasks by Theme chart, that you wish to filter by. Your chart will have that filter applied and represent that theme only. Below the chart you will see the tasks of the respective filter that was applied. 

  • Navigate to the task list below and view the applied filter. In this example (Theme=Development) and the number of tasks based on that filter (Items: 15 of 15). 

Step 4. Group your tasks by board

Are you running multiple sub boards within a board? The Group option allows you to further report on tasks from multiple boards. 

  • Simply click on the Group button, select Board from the list, and save this selection by clicking OK. The filter will show as the applied filter at the top of the list (Boards in this example) and the tasks below are now grouped per board.


Additional features to manage your boards

Navigation has never been simpler! Make use of the intuitive drag and drop feature to assign tasks to different boards in a quick and easy way - all from the same view! Also, return to previous pages from helpful shortcuts in the navigation panel.

Step 5. Drag and drop tasks to different boards

  • Simply click on the number of the task while holding the task, then drag and drop it into the desired board.  

Step 6. Make use of helpful shortcuts


Want to get back to the board workspace metrics from a different page of the board such as the Backlog? 

  • Access the board workspace directly from the board Backlog by clicking on Go to Board Workspace from the navigation panel, or alternatively, by clicking on the shortcut button at the top right of your board.  

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