February 2021 Release Notes

Modified on Mon, 1 Mar, 2021 at 11:30 AM

27th February Patch Release

Bug fix:

  • Fixed Schedule Task Bulk Edit functionality (milestone's start date was incorrectly set).

25th February Patch Release

Few bug fixes:

  • Export to Template job performance was degraded if the project had no schedule and the template being used was trying to build the schedule image. 
  • Continuous scrolling on the User Account management page has been fixed.

24th February Patch Release

Few improvements / bug fixes:

  • Fixed duration default value on Schedule task dialog.
  • Unselecting filters from the filter selection top bar on the project dashboard page was not unselecting the filters from the filter list on the left hand side of the page.
  • Newly uploaded documents have their document type set up to Miscellaneous by default.
  • Login page now checks for supported browsers and will display a message if the browser is not supported.

23th February Patch Release

Bug fix:

  • Fix an issue where the duration of a schedule task was reset when dragging the task to change its start date. 

22th February Patch Release

Few bug fixes:

  • Fixed some UI layout issues when the browser window is in small or medium view.
  • Fixed Export Users link on User management page.

21th February Release

We are continuing our efforts to improve Fluid overall user experience and its user interface. The changes in this release include new layouts and improvements to some functionality.

IMPROVEMENT - Better user interface and User experience

  • New Login page layout
    • Logging into your account should be effortless and intuitive. This was the driver for redesigning the login form.

  • Top navigation menu and Global search
    • The top navigation bar layout has been redesigned to make it more intuitive to use as well as responsive. 
      • The search functionality now sits on the top navigation bar so that you can access it directly from any page.
      • The layout of the navigation in small view has been changed so that all functionality can be accessed from the hamburger menu.

    • The search result page has been redesigned too so that you can easily identify the item you are searching for.

  • Project filters 
    • The layout of project filter section on the project dashboard pages has been changed to highlight categories that have filters on. 

  • Page navigation improvement
    • Breadcrumbs have been added to help navigating within page hierarchy.

IMPROVEMENT - Forecasting at skill level

  • Resource's skills can be set up in metadata. 
  • Project Managers can search for resources based on their skills when allocating resources to projects.

13th February Patch release


  • Default the start date of the very first sprint to today's date.
  • More validation added when setting the dates to a schedule task.
  • Date validation has also been improved on Create meeting dialog.


  • Interface was giving an error when trying to set the User role to a user account.

6th February Patch release


  • Performance of the store procedure that applies permissioning to sub projects has been improved.
  • Harden SetNewPassword by catching exceptions while verfiying the token and redirecting to the logon.
  • Scim job improvement - only delete role if a role exists.
  • Project external reference - it is now possible to set up a prefix to be used each time a new project external reference is generated.  


  • Fixed a Javascript error on the Schedule dashboard page.
  • Fixed an error when clearing the filters applied to the Action Dashboard.

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