February 2023 Release Notes

Modified on Thu, 02 Mar 2023 at 03:44 PM

25th February Patch Release


  • Allocation values for timesheet reversals were wrongly showing as positive values in the Financials Detailed Export.

17th February Patch Release


  • You can now export Impacts for project and sub-projects to Excel.
  • The Gantt schedule view allows you to select to view/print promoted items only or all items.


  • Rag by Category chart was displaying no data if the user did not have the Project Viewer role.
  • Values for custom properties of type ValuedCalc were not rendering if the properties the values are calculated from were hidden on a board card.
  • Board hidden properties were being rendered in read only view of the board cards.

12th February Patch Release


  • Action count per assignee in Actions dashboards was incorrect.
  • Improved Bulk Edit dialog error output.
  • Open link button should only be visible for url based links, eg permalink.
  • Wrap long text and break on works for meeting agenda.

9th February Patch Release


  • Changes to the Scim process to return user details.
  • Replan functionality was offsetting the start date of successor tasks by one day.

7th February Patch Release


  • Cards for board tasks that are overdue display the due date in red to make it easy to identify tasks that are running behind schedule.
  • Project phases should not be displayed as overdue.

5th February Patch Release


  • Gantt Schedule Printing Enhancements

The ability to print project plans is key for project reporting, yet printing Gantt charts for large and complex project plans is challenging. How can you fit all the information in whilst ensuring readability? How do you only print schedule task types that are relevant for the project report?

We’ve made the task easy with the Print Mode page! This displays the Gantt chart in full view for easy printing and lets you use filters to select the information you want to print, or change the viewport period.

2nd February Patch Release


  • Users could not log in with one-time pin, this has now been corrected.

1st February Patch Release


  • Updated the Gantt Schedule so that the progress slider does not update the end date of the task. 
  • Gantt Schedule Late tasks now only become late when they are a day behind.

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