January 2021 Release Notes

Modified on Thu, 12 Aug 2021 at 02:26 PM

30th January Patch Release


  • Archiving a workhub sets all actions initiated from the workhub to cancelled.
    • You can read more about archiving workhub here.
  • Improved Scim job to use Fluid username to look up for a user.


  • Fix an issue with resource plan upload when plan start and end dates are set to the same day.

27th January Patch release


  • Performance of the store procedure that applies permissioning to sub projects has been improved.

25th January Release

NEW: Project Schedule - Show schedule tasks assigned to you, with most recent status updates or by type.

  • Use the new filter in the schedule section of the project or program workspace to see the schedule tasks with the most recent status updates, the tasks assigned to you or the tasks filtered by type.


  • The Currency column of the Financial Detailed Export Non Project Lines export was not returning any value. This has now been fixed.

23rd January Release

NEW: Project Schedule - New filter to display the tasks assigned to you.

  • You can now see all the schedule tasks you are assigned to from the project workspace by clicking on the Assigned to me button in the Schedule section.

ENHANCEMENT: Assignees can add new status reports to the schedule tasks they are assigned to.

  • If you are assigned to a schedule task for a project you do not have edit rights to, you can now update your task by adding a new status report.


  • Baseline forecast bulk edit functionality can now be used to zero out baseline amount.
  • Resource plan bulk edit functionality has been improved to return records grouped by resources.
  • Schedule tasks that are overdue are now displayed with a red border.
  • Schedule task description is now visible when the task is opened in read only view.
  • Bulk edit functionality has been improved to strip out hex characters present in the excel file being uploaded
  • Fixed an issue with backspace key when using mentions in meeting sessions

15th January Release


NEW FEATURE: Project / Sub Projects Permissioning

  • Program managers and project managers of projects with sub projects will now automatically get edit rights to the sub projects.
  • They no longer need to request permission to access the sub project workspaces. 

NEW FEATURE: Search project resource by profile role

  • You can now search project resources by profile role
  • This is in addition to the search by rate card or location that was already available.

ENHANCEMENT: Capped Hours column added to Financial Details Export

  • A new column has been added to the financial details export file: Capped Hours.
  • This column indicates the number of booked hours that have been billed. This number can indeed be less than the hours that were submitted if the resources are on a capped hour rate card.

User Management

ENHANCEMENT: New User Management Page Layout

  • The user management page layout has been redesigned to improve the page navigation and make the content easier to access.
  • You can now set multiple resource plans for a resource using the user interface. A resource plan has the following properties:
    • start date (mandatory field) - the day the plan is valid from         
    • end date - the day the plan ends
    • allocation - the resource maximum allocation for the plan period
    • status - the plan status
    • headcount impact - the impact of this resource on the total headcount
    • position id - the resource position ID for the plan period
    • primary function - the resource primary function for the plan period
    • note - any additional note


NEW FEATURE: Ability to group board tasks by custom properties

  • Managing board tasks has become easier as you can now also group them by custom property values. This functionality is available on the Board page and the List View page.

ENHANCEMENT: Improved Board Task bulk edit functionality

  • You can now use the Bulk Edit functionality to update board task custom properties.
  • The output of the Bulk Edit functionality has also been improved to make it easier to troubleshoot any records that failed to upload.

6th January Patch Release

Bug Fixes

  • Fixed an issue with uploading value for Person custom property.  
  • Financial Detailed Export:
    • Changed CappedHours value rounding to two decimals
    • Changed how Capped Hours value is calculated when resource is on a daily rate card.

5th January Patch Release

Project Financial Detailed Export Improvement

  • When a resource submits a timesheet, the number of hours that are effectively billed depends of the rate card of the resource. If the resource is on a capped hours rate card, the number of hours billed to the project can be less than the number of hours submitted in the timesheet if the weekly hour total is higher than the capped hours value.
  • A new column, CappedHours, has been added to the project Financial Detailed Export file to help project managers and financial administrators understand how many hours were actually billed for a given timesheet.

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