April 2021 Release Notes

Modified on Mon, 26 Apr 2021 at 06:19 PM

21th April Patch Release

ENHANCEMENT - Export to Template

  • a new binding element has been added to aggregate all component RAGs commentaries of a status report into one field: {StatusReportThis.PathToGreenForNonGreenRAGs}.

20th April Release

NEW - Flex Work

  • A Flex board is linked to a project and allows you to assign resources to tasks so that they can book time against these tasks.
  • Flex boards therefore offer an alternative to allocating resources to projects. You can now allocate resources only to specific tasks.
  • Project Managers can create a Flex board from the project workspace. You need to select Flex Work as board category.

  • The Flex Work section of the board tasks allow you to specify the number of allocated hours to the task and the line of business the task is aligned to. Once time has been booked against the task, you can see the number of hours booked and the remaining hours.

Click on Show Details to see the details the breakdown of the booked hours.


  • Data Adminisnistration page
    • Resource Plans and Project Details feeds have been added to the data administration page so that users with respectively User Management or Project Administrator role can access this functionality even if they do not have Financial Administrator role.

  • Project Financials
    • Financials Detailed Export file
      • Rate column has been renamed to HourlyRate
      • Currency column has been renamed to LocalCurrency
      • LocalHourlyRate column has been added.
    • Project funding can be uploaded at expense category level with capex / opex split.

19th April Patch Release


  • Export to Template
    • You can now export the impact sub type value to Word or PPT using {SubType} biding element. You can read more here
  • Resource Plans Bulk edit
    • New filters have been added so that you can select whether inactive resources should be included in the downloaded file or not. You can also chose to return current plans only or all historical resource plans.
  • User Account page
    • Resource plans are now ordered by start dates, ascending.
    • If a new resource is created with no classification, the classification value is defaulted to the default rate card.
    • Resource plan status, headcount impact and primary function values can now be selected from a predefined list


  • Portfolio and Subportfolio values were not rendering correctly on the project details page if the properties were locked for editing.
  • Fixed an issue when updating board tasks with no assignees using the Bulk Edit functionality.

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