In this article you will learn how to archive a board that you no longer need. 

Archived boards can no longer be accessed by board owners or board members and do no longer appear in Global Search results.

Note that you need to be the board owner in order to be able to archive it.

Steps to archive a board

Step 1. Navigate to the board Edit page

Navigate to the board page, click on Edit (top right) to open the board edit page.

NOTE: The "Edit" settings option for Kanban & Sprint boards are located in similar positions.

Step 2. Click on the Archive link

Click on the Archive option on the left-hand navigation. 

You will be asked to confirm that you indeed want to deactivate (archive) the board. All tasks will be set to backlog and  in the case of a Sprint board, all sprints that are in progress will be reset to not started.

Confirmation dialog if the board has sprints that are in progress