November 2021 Release Notes

Modified on Wed, 24 Nov 2021 at 07:28 PM

24th November Patch Release


  • Portfolio resource properties were not saved when creating a new resource record using the user interface.
  • Users are now redirected to the default project watchlist if they try to navigate to a dashboard with an invalid query ID.
  • Fixed an issue with the Shared Dashboards category that is now replaced by Project Dashboards category.

19th November Release

New - Resource Dashboards with resource attribute filters 

Fluid already offers a range of resource dashboards to show resource allocations and actuals across projects and you filter the data by filtering on project properties.

We are adding in this release three new resource dashboards that give you the ability to look at resource capacity by filtering on resource attributes. You can now filter on resources with a specific role or skill and see which resources still have capacity or what projects they are allocated to.

You can access these new dashboards by selecting the Resource Dashboards tab on the Dashboards dialog. Note that you need the Project Viewer or Project Admin role as well as the Resource Access role to access these new dashboards.

The three new dashboards include:

  • Resource List Dashboard
    • Use this dashboard to see the list of resources with their resource name, start and end dates, profile role and manager name.

  • Resource Capacity Dashboard
    • This dashboard allows you to find out which resource has capacity in the coming months. Expand the view to see the resource actuals or the resource allocation breakdown per projects. 

  • Resource Capacity Dashboard with Breakdown 
    • This dashboard is the same as the previous one with the addition of pie charts to see the breakdown of resources per Engagement Type, Country and SubPortfolio.

And don't forget to use the filters to filter the data by resource attributes!

New - Each process boards can now have its own set of task types

You can now set the list of task types specific to your board. Just navigate to the board settings page, and add, rename or delete task types as required. 

In addition, you can now set board custom properties per task types. This means that you can specify for each property which task type the property applies to.  

In the below example, the Business Driver and Sponsor properties apply to all tasks whilst the Business Case property only applies to tasks whose task type is set to New Program. 

New - Ability to hide projects in search or on project dashboards to users who do not have access to the projects

Until now, all projects were visible in search results or on project dashboards regardless of whether the users could access the project workspace or not. 

A new feature has been introduced to restrict project visibility. When this setting is on, users with no Project Administrator or Project Viewer role can only see:

  • projects they are allocated to
  • or projects they manage or own.

All other projects will not be shown in search results and will not be displayed on project dashboards.

Enhancement - New attributes added to user records

  • New attributes have been to the user records
    • Country
    • SubPortfolio
    • Account Excel 1 and Account Exec 2
      • these fields represent the accountable executives for the resource
      • they are automatically calculated based on the user management hierarchy and cannot be manually set
      • the name of these fields can be renamed in Activity Setup page

  • Structural changes to the Resource Plan bulk edit file
    • the four properties mentioned above have been added to the Resource Plan file.


  • Schedule task filters have been added to the schedule component on project dashboards.
  • Resource plan upload feed changes
    • the resource manager is set to blank if the manager value in the file being uploaded is invalid or left empty.
    • resource portfolio and subportfolio values can be deleted by keeping the values empty in the file being uploaded.
  • Leave has been added as a resource plan status option value.
  • Some work has been done to improve the database performance. This includes archiving system generated messages older than two months.


  • Users can add attachments to the schedule tasks they are assigned to.
  • Fixed an issue when filtering on multi option custom properties.
  • Fixed the login page layout when in mobile view.

11th November Release

New Project Dashboard

The new dashboard helps you identity which projects are prioritised and the business driver areas they are affecting in order to decide if the focus needs to be shifted on certain projects with higher prioritisation.

This new dashboard can accessed by selecting Project Detailed List in the Projects section of the Switch Report Layout dialog. 

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