26th September Patch release

  • The Project with Status component is now also showing the component RAGs commentaries when in full view.
  • Projects set to auto-generate actuals are now excluded from timesheets.
  • Fixed an issue with exporting meeting minutes to PDF when themes were set on meeting items.
  • Also fixed an issue when exporting actions to Excel from a project dashboard that includes projects with many linked items.

19th September Patch Release

  • Fixed a database exception when saving meeting agenda items.

17th September Patch Release

  • Board performance Improvements
  • Description box is now automatically expanded when creating new items.

10th September Release

New: Manage your project ideas, submissions & business cases using Fluid's board add-on for projects.

The Project Pipeline Board feature: 

  • Brings your offline intake/demand management into a managed process;
  • Configures and manages your business cases from ideas to execution and close; 
  • Triage, prioritises, plans and approves your project portfolio;
  • Ensures visibility of upcoming work, giving you the opportunity to plan and manage your resources; 
  • Democratises the process of change.

You can read more about more about project pipelines here.

New: Board live updates and collapse columns

  • Working with other users on the same board is a breeze! Your board ⚡ instantly updates as they make changes.
  • Updating a card via the dialog now updates the board without waiting for the spinner of doom.

Improvements / Fixes

  • We support Microsoft Project 2021 mpp files in Schedule Upload.
  • Fixed a timezone issue on the board backlog page.
  • The Email Meeting Minutes functionality has been enhanced to better handle emails addresses when copied from Outlook or other email clients.