April 2022 Release Notes

Modified on Sat, 30 Apr 2022 at 08:09 AM

30th April Patch Release


  • Schedule task duration displayed on the Gantt view was off by 1 day.

27th April Release

New - Set an alternate reference to your projects

Many clients have asked for the ability to set up an alternate project reference. This is now possible with this new release. 

The alternate project reference label can be set up by project administrators by using the Activity Setup administration page. The Alternate reference label has been renamed to ClarityID in the above example.

You can set the project alternate reference using the project settings page or by using the project details bulk edit functionality. The alternate reference column has been added to financials exports too. 

Finally, you can also use the alternate reference to search for your projects.

Enhancement - Gantt schedule displays additional column

Additional columns have been added to the Gantt view to display the schedule task key information like its assignees, due date and duration. 

Enhancement - Easily access to the parent of a schedule task

Project’s tasks often have a hierarchy to them. That is, some tasks are summary-level tasks, and other tasks are subtasks of those summary tasks. The description of the subtask is therefore not always sufficient to understand the task objectives and having easy access to the parent task to get more context is important. This is why we have added the Open Parent link to the task dialog. Simply click on the link to open the parent task dialog.


  • An exception used to be thrown when opening a status report dialog that reported on a RAG that had since been deleted.
  • A couple of UI glitches have been fixed too.

17th April Patch Release


  • Schedule Bulk Edit - RAG status is set to green by default if no status is set when uploading the file.
  • Hardened code when saving impacts.
  • Hardened code when reordering schedule tasks.
  • Work Insights has been enabled on all instances.

1st April Release

New - Work Insights

The Work Insight metrics provide you with an additional tool to analyse actions performance across multiple entities.

Simply create a workhub and link all the boards, projects, and meetings you want to track the actions performance for. The new work insights metrics will then give you a view of how many actions have been created, closed and closed late over the last 7 days, 2 weeks and 4 weeks period. 

Work insights allow you to monitor how frequently you are receiving actions, how quickly they are getting closed out and how many are getting closed past their due date keeping you up to date with the current workload. 

This trend analysis will help you gain knowledge about how much work is being done and help you find meaningful patterns that can then be used to make improvements or changes.

New - Hide board custom properties to non board members 

We recently introduced community request boards, i.e. boards that are can receive requests from any users in the organisation. 

We have improved the functionality by allowing you to select which custom properties should be visible when a user fills in a request form. This feature is particularly useful if some of the custom properties are for the board management only and should not be seen by non board owners or members.

The Hide to non board members property allows you to set whether the property should appear on the work request form. If it should not, set the value to Yes to make the property only visible to owners or members of the board.


  • Grouping board tasks by person custom property used to fail if the username contained the @ symbol.
  • Fixed an issue when adding a status to an impact using the chat channel.

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