In this article we will explain how to create, delete and cancel sessions from your meetings in Fluid.

Remember: Only the owners and/or facilitators of a meeting can create, delete or cancel sessions on the meeting.
For more on meeting roles click here.

Creating a new session

If your meeting was created in Fluid from a calendar invite then you would need to make the update to the calendar invite - for more on interacting with your calendar click here.

You can create a new session by clicking on Create a new Session from either the meetings Dashboard page, or directly from another session.

Populate the details for the new session. 

At this point you can change the template you want to use for the new session. This is useful if your meeting is a wrapper for sessions with varying agendas/structures. 

Click on Create.

Select Create and go to Meeting Session to drop into the new session page.

Select Create and Close to create the session without navigating away from where you are.

Deleting a session

To delete a session - navigate to the session in question and click on the Delete Session.

NOTE: All content needs to be deleted from a session before the session can be deleted.

Instead of deleting an unwanted session you can simply repurpose it by changing the date and time of the session

Cancelling a session

If a scheduled meeting has to be minuted as cancelled due to the unavailability of quorum or some other reason navigate to the session and select Cancel Session.

Cancelling a session does NOT delete it. 

A record of cancelled sessions are kept on the meeting Meeting Dashboard.