Preparing for your next meeting session

Modified on Fri, 18 Mar 2022 at 12:15 PM

Awesome meetings start with great preparation! In this article we cover off how to prepare your meeting in Fluid so you get as much value as possible from the time in the room.

In a recent survey of 1600 people on their meeting annoyances - 5 of their top 10 beefs were related to poor meeting preparation.

You can find our Top 5 recommended considerations for well-planned meetings HERE.

Once you have created your next session and have confirmed the session time, date and attendees - it's time to prepare your meeting agenda and pre-meeting content!

Setting an agenda

Start typing using Fluid Capture to enter all your agenda items in turn.

Adding open actions from previous meetings

Most meetings result in actions and decisions so following up on their status is important for the meeting to be effective.

When setting up a new meeting session, you can add open actions and decisions to your agenda by simply clicking on the Previous Meeting Actions link on the left hand side navigation bar.


From the dialog select the items you want to include and then click Add To Session.

Fluid makes it super easy to collaborate on building out your agenda. Once your session is created, why not invite your meeting members to add their topics of discussion? Or edit your agenda items with more detail? Or add their supporting packs and documents for discussion directly to their assigned agenda items?

Let people know by @mentioning them in the meeting channel - or assign actions to people from the meeting for their input using Fluids Natural Language Commands.

All updates and changes are immediately available to all other members - and can be collaborated on ahead of the meeting so everyone is on the same page and as prepared as possible for the session.

Share the meeting agenda

Once you have populated your detailed agenda you can email it out to your meeting attendees - or send out a calendar invite directly from the session page, also populated with the agenda details.

You can only send a calendar invite from a session in Fluid if the meeting was created in Fluid. If the meeting was created from a calendar invite then sending the calendar invite from Fluid won't be available.

For more on scheduling meetings from your calendar, click here.

Sending out pre-meeting actions

If you need to assign actions to people ahead of the session you can use Fluids Natural Language Commands directly from the meetings chat stream. 

Alternatively - if you need the assigned action to be recorded as part of the meeting minutes - then add it to the session using Fluid Capture and then select Send to all from the right hand 3-dot menu.

Session Documents

Add session documents at the bottom of the session page...

... Or add relevant docs to their respective agenda items. 

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