December 2022 Release Notes

Modified on Thu, 15 Dec, 2022 at 6:57 PM

15th December 2022 Release

New - Initiate and track your approval process

Decisions are important... What’s even more important is tracking the approval process and having access to an audit trail of what was approved, and when.

You can now link a decision to the exact task, impact or schedule task it is associated with in a board or project! To do so, simply open the task, impact or schedule task dialog and create a follow-on action/decision.

You can then easily track the status of the actions and decisions. If creating follow-on actions and decisions from a board task, the card will also display how many actions or decisions are outstanding.

New - Build complex form by setting dependencies between custom properties.


Custom properties are great to set up your own taxonomy against any Fluid entity (resources, projects, boards, etc.). 

We have enhanced the custom property definition by adding support to conditional custom properties. Conditional properties are about setting the visibility of a property based on the answer to another property. This can be compared to a skip logic feature that changes which question a user sees next based on how they answer the current question.

In the below example, the way the user answers the 'New Application or System?' question will determine which questions they see next.

If the change request is not about a new application or system, then a new question will be displayed to ask about which application/system the change is for. This question won't be visible to the user if they replied Yes to the first question.

To set up this conditional dependency between the two properties, use the Property Dependency settings in the custom property definition. The property whose visibility is conditioned to the value of another property must specify the name of the property and the value it is dependent as per the below example.

New - Projects by Methodology dashboard

Are your projects running according to specific methodologies? Do you want to have an overall view of the phases your projects are currently in? 

You can now use our new Projects by Methodology dashboard to see your projects grouped by methodology and the current phase they are in.

New - Search projects by dates

As a PM you might want to pull a report of all projects that started on a certain date, closed out in a certain quarter, or that are currently active. Now you can! Wherever you have entered dates against a project - even as custom properties, you are able to search for a project relating to these dates and save the results as a new dashboard!

To do so, use the New Project Search functionality available from the Create button on the top banner and set the date filter criteria you need.

Search for all projects being implemented in Q1 2023

New - Decide & control who updates card statuses on your tasks

By default boards are set up to allow task assignees to move cards through stages to completion even if the assignees are not owners or members of the board. But what if you don’t want to give the assignees the control of moving the tasks to the next stage? What if you just want them to interact on the tasks? 

We have added a new board setting to allow board owners to configure who can move the cards to the next stage.

Now when you click on the Board Settings page, you’ll find a new option available where you can do one of the following:

  1. Turn 'off' the ability for assignees to update the card status if they are not owners or members of the board; or
  2. Turn it 'on' for them to continue as usual with moving tasks into the next stage as they complete it. (Note that this is the default settings.)

New - Better user experience when using Project Search and Custom Properties

The Project Search page has a brand new look! It was redesigned to make it simpler to find the project filter criteria. The page is now divided into sections similar to the project settings page so that you know where to find the data.

We also improved the custom property dialog to again make it very easy for you to set up your own taxonomy.

And finally we also added a description field and made any required custom properties stand out when rendering the form!

Other Enhancements / Bug Fixes

  • Change the text colour on the Gantt chart to make it easier to read.
  • 'Assigned to me' button has been added to the board workspace to easily identify what tasks you have outstanding. 
  • Timesheet status was sometimes wrongly set to request.
  • Task type labels could not be renamed.

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