October 2022 Release Notes

Modified on Thu, 03 Nov 2022 at 05:08 PM

28th October Patch Release


We have identified an issue where project filters are not applied on saved dashboards. This results on all projects being included in the view. In the case of large portfolios, the page nay become unresponsive.

26th October Release

New - Board Workspaces

Every board now has a board workspace page to help you better manage the board activities. 

Board Workspace offers:

  • Quick glance reporting overview
  • Multiple board single view summary
  • Interactive chart views
  • Work insights of all board tasks in one space
  • Filtering and grouping options that drill down into task-related specifics

New - Configure your ideal Project Dashboard

Previously you were able to view various templates in your dashboard with a specific configuration. You are now able to customise your dashboard in the following ways:

  • You can change your charts from Pie to Bar or Column as you prefer to view them
  • Sections that aren’t applicable to your project can be changed to view custom properties
  • View a Project custom property in a chart view

New - Track your Project deliverables with Schedule Baseline

Every project has a planned start and end date, with tasks, phases and milestones along the way.  In a perfect world, project timelines would play out as they’re forecasted. But we live in the real world, where perfection is an urban legend! Life happens, and before you know it you’ve shifted multiple milestones in the schedule due to delays and accelerations. 

With all these shifts, it’s tough to know at the point of execution which ball was dropped, where it fell, and how far it rolled! As a project manager, the baseline allows you to stay on track with your deliverables.

Schedule Baseline lets you:

  • View the baseline per task in a single view in your schedule
  • Compare the project plan time versus project actual time
  • Measure and track performance of the project throughout 
  • Forecast future projects with realistic timelines 

New - Filter on the Current Phase your Project is in! 

PMOs need to know at any given time what phase of the project it is in. Previously, you couldn’t see this at a quick glance, you’d have to do a bit of navigation until you found the project dates section of the project details. 

In the Project workspace you are now able to see what the current phase the project is in, based on the current date.

Navigate to your Project dashboard, and from the navigation panel on your left, you’re able to filter by current phase and view ALL projects that are currently in this phase of the project. 

19th October Patch Release


  • Project Managers can declare any projects as a dependency.

18th October Patch Release


  • Close sprint button on board page was throwing an error.

17th October Patch Release


  • Project filters were not working for project details dashboards.
  • Exporting project executive values to Word / PPT was not returning any values.
  • Project administrators could not update project data.

15th October Release

New feature - Read access to board to foster collaboration 

Are you running a Board process that you need to share it with others, but you don't want them to edit or update the cards? You can now setup Board Viewers in the "Edit Board Settings". Board viewers can see the backlog, boards and chat on tasks so to keep up to date on all the work but they cannot make any updates.


  • Sorting capability has been added to the Project Details dashboards.
  • Cost code settings can now be managed from the Metadata page.
  • Board performance has been improved.

1st October Patch Release

  • PDF annotation feature has been replaced with PDF Viewer feature.

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