November 2022 Release Notes

Modified on Mon, 28 Nov 2022 at 07:04 PM

28th November 2022


  • Fixed Tier label editing and rendering.

23rd November 2022


  • Deactivating a user account not also unlink the associated SSO account. 
  • Fixed the hyperlinks on the project activities dashboard.
  • You can now only group and filter by reportable custom properties on board workspaces and board pages. 
  • Fixed an issue with search on My Items page. 
  • Task assignees could not update their tasks if they were not part of the board the task was from. This is now resolved.

21st November 2022

Introducing the fresh face of Fluid!

A new aesthetic and energy is coming, a brand to truly reflect who we are now and the journey we’ve been on. 

Why the new look? 

We wanted to breathe some new energy into our website, making it more cohesive and user-friendly. Our new website rejuvenates the overall brand experience, aligning it more closely to the entire customer experience we pride ourselves on providing. 

What does this mean for me? 

Nothing really, we just knew you would be beavering away working on projects and wondering why we looked so pretty. Brand new logo and website, same ever-evolving, reliable software and people. We are still just as committed to providing you with a seamless all-in-one PPM solution to make your working day that much easier. The new logo and login page will be released into the application over the next week or so, so keep your eyes posted!

New - You can now configure the Tier label to use your own taxonomy

  • Project administrators can now configure the Tier label from the activity setup page. 
  • The new label will be displayed instead of the Tier label.
  • Export to Excel functionality will also use the new label. 


  • Fixed a javascript error on project dashboards when no projects were returned. 
  • Added support for special characters in project filters.
  • Print PDF was failing on board workspace page.

12th November Patch Release


  • The resource start date on the user profile displays the start date of the first resource plan if the resource has more than one resource plans and the plans are consecutive. 
  • Meeting minutes and meeting emails now display the meeting time in the timezone of the user receiving the email.
  • There was an error when opening closed sprints.
  • Fixed an exception when dragging board tasks.
  • Opening timesheet request was throwing an error.

5th November Release

Small changes

  • Triggering the capitalisation job from a project will now recalculate the capex amount for the entire project hierarchy.
  • Board assignees can update task status.
  • Fixed an issue with creating new theme from a board task dialog.

2nd November Release

New - New grouping and sorting functionalities added to the project status view

You can now group your projects by overall RAG, category, portfolio or project managers. You can also sort the projects by RAG status or primary PMs.

1st November Patch Release


  • Fixed the project dashboard chart layout (moved the legend below the pie charts, added project count to the pie, bar and column charts).
  • The read only version of a schedule task was not loading correctly.
  • Fixed background colours of PDF meeting minutes.
  • Removed the work insight job run time label.  

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