May 2022 Release Notes

Modified on Mon, 30 May 2022 at 09:45 AM

27th May Patch Release

New - Search in Gantt Schedule

Use the new search functionality to search for schedule tasks in the Gantt view. 

New - Ability to switch meeting minutes orientation

You can now download the Pdf meeting minutes in portrait or landscape.

New - Meeting Statistics Report

Application administrators can use the new meeting statistics report to export meetings statistics for all meetings or for certain meetings only (you can select meetings by title or by type).

The new report is accessible from the Application Administration console.


  • The up and down arrows to move custom properties are now displayed on the left to make it easier to move the properties up and down.

  • Removed ability to set a project role that is not set up in metadata when allocating a resource.
  • Schedule task bulk edit code has been hardened to better handle dates.
  • Project administrators can now access project details bulk edit from the project workspace.
  • Schedule hierarchy view has ben refactored into a stored procedure to improve performance.
  • Boards Loading, Grouping and Filtering speed improvements.
  • Boards Floating Column Titles and Toolbar when scrolling below fold.


  • Business Drivers dropdown list was not refreshing correctly when there were no business drivers that applied to all tiers.
  • Project search failed to return any result when searching by person type custom property.
  • Fixed Financial report summary panel - Edit Details button was always displayed regardless of user permissioning and all custom properties with values were displayed instead of just the reportable ones.
  • Group by custom properties on process boards has been fixed.

24th May Patch Release

Board Performance Improvement

Work has been done to improve performance when rendering large boards with reportable custom properties.


  • Meeting hotkeys help message has been fixed.
  • Scim - fixed an error when creating an inactive user.

16th May Release

We are constantly striving to improve and meet our customers' needs. This release includes a few new features that we believe you will love if you need to track and report on project expenses. 

New Full Project Financial View dashboard 

The new dashboard shows you the multi year financial projection as well as the fiscal year breakdown of project expenses, including project funding, baseline, full year forecast and capex and opex amount. You can switch between the summary view and the expended view to see the financial breakdown by month.

Enhanced Project Financial report 

The multi year financial projection and the fiscal year breakdown components have also been added to the project financial report. Simply click on the financial summary panels to access it.

Sub Project Financials 

You can now use the project financial report to see the project financial broken down by sub projects. Please do not hesitate to contact your account manager if you have any questions about tracking financials.

13th May Release

New - Skipping Weekends Within the Gantt Chart

You can now choose to skip weekends in the Gantt Chart. 

When you enable exclude weekends, task end dates and task durations are calculated excluding the weekends. When moving a schedule task, the Gantt chart maintains the task duration and recalculates the new end date - excluding weekends - based on the new start date and the duration. 

The exclude weekends preference is saved on a per project basis. To enable skipping weekends, set the Exclude Weekends toggle to Yes on the Gantt Chart view.  The start and end date of existing tasks will remain unchanged but their duration will be recalculated to exclude weekends as working days.

Note: Fluid defines a weekend as Saturday and Sunday.

New - Tiers and Business drivers

You now have the option to link business drivers to project tiers. This will allow more accurate reporting by only having the applicable business drivers to select from depending on your tier selection.

Your application administrator can set this up in the Projects Metadata Admin Console. 

Please Note: This feature will not affect how your current set up is done. If there is no linkage, you will still be able to select any business drivers!

Improved / Fixed

  • Custom property categories are now ordered alphabetically so that you know in advance how the properties will be rendered. 
  • Done some UI improvement across the platform (board backlog, project impacts, etc.).
  • Dashboard portfolio graph is now rendered as a grouped bar chart instead of a stacked bar chart.
  • Fixed a data issue in the Project Financial Projection component.

4th May Patch Release


  • Scheduled Reports setting fields were not being saved correctly and last run property were not correctly populated.

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