Work Insight Metrics

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As mentioned in previous articles, WorkHubs are the easiest way to get a single view of who needs to do what by when across any ecosystem of meetings, boards and projects.

The Work Insight metrics provide you with an additional tool to analyse how much work has been assigned, completed or completed late over the last 7 days, 2 weeks or 4 weeks period. This data will help you gain knowledge about how much work is being done and help you find meaningful patterns and trends that can then be used to make improvements or changes.

Understanding Work Insight metrics

The first important thing to note about work insight metrics is that they are calculated daily and do not represent a real-time view. This is important as you may notice a difference between the metrics and the number of actions shown in the workhub dashboard if new actions have been added or completed during the day.

The second point to note is that the work insight metrics include all actions that the workhub aggregates, regardless of whether workhub members can see these actions or not. So workhub members may see metrics that do not match the number of actions they see in the actions dashboard. If this happens, it will be because they do not have access to the projects, meetings or boards linked to the workhub.

The As of Today metrics display how many actions, decisions or tasks are currently open and how many of them are overdue. The number represents the aggregated value of all open and overdue items of the workhub and all linked meetings, projects or boards. 

Please note that in the case of a board, backlog tasks are not included in the count. Only tasks that belong to a Kanban board or an active sprint board are included in the count.

The New, Closed and Closed Overdue metrics display the number of items that have been created, closed or closed after their due date over the selected period of time. You can use the Show for Period dropdown to change the period to 7 days, 2 weeks & 4 weeks. The chart will also get updated to reflect the selected period.

Changing the metrics view

The Work Insight metrics by default display the rollup view, i.e. the aggregated values of the metrics of the workhub and all the entities linked to the workhub.  

You can change the view to display the metrics for only one linked meeting, project or board by using the dropdown menu on the left hand side of the component. Simply select the entity you want to see the metrics for and the data will be refreshed to only show you the metrics for the selected entity. 

Use the No Rollup view to see the metrics for the workhub itself, i.e. the metrics for items created directly from or assigned to the workhub.

Important note about linked projects

If a project that has been linked to a workhub has boards or meetings linked to it, the project metrics do not include the metrics for the linked meetings and boards. You will need to explicitly link the meetings and the boards to the workhub if you want this date to be consolidated in the work insight metrics of the workhub.

Drilling Down

Need to see what items are open or overdue? Simply click on Open/Overdue under the As of Today metrics and the actions and decisions dashboard will display the matching items. This will also match the dropdown value you have selected in the Metrics View, i.e if you only want to see all open items for a linked meeting, select the meeting in the dropdown list first, then click on the open metrics value and the dashboard will give you all open actions and decisions for the meeting only. 



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