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Work requests are a key part of any organisation. It allows leadership to do the following:

  • Oversee all current and new work requests across the entire organisation.
  • Enables them to make informed decisions on how to balance and best achieve the different business objectives at the strategic organisational level. 
  • Have visibility across the project landscape, factoring in both new requests and enhancements to current projects.
  • Achieve optimal results for the organisation.

In this article, we will cover the functionality around work requests.

Work Request Process Across the Organisation

Setting up the board for requests

It all starts with how the board is set up to receive work requests when you are creating a board

Using the Allow Work Request? field, board owners can set the board in one of three ways: 

1.  Owners and Members only - to accept work requests from board owners and members only

  • Only users who are part of the board community can create work requests.

2.  Community Requests - to accept work requests from any members in the organisation.

  • Any user will be able to send requests to the board and track the status of the request from My Items page

3.  Limited Work Requests - to accept work requests from any board members and specifically listed members in the                                                            organisation.

  • Only users who are part of the board community and listed users in the organisation can create work requests. 

Send a work request

The work request functionality offers one centralised hub to submit work requests from. It gives requestors the ability to submit the work request online, sending it directly to the board backlog so that it can be evaluated by board managers. 

This creates transparency in the process where the requestors can track the progress of their request and the managers are able to ask for more information, if need be. Thus, resulting in a smoother, efficient, and easier process from the request to approval stage. 

In addition, displaying a single source of communication around the request will enable faster responses and reduced manual touchpoint. 

To learn more about creating a new work request, Click here

Manage and access work requests

After a work request has been created, the manager will receive a notification of the new request in the Dot channel. 

To learn more about managing a new work request, Click here

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