Work requests form part of a continuous flow of that provides a working process for managers/team leaders to control and manage what new requests are established for the business. This is a process that gives guidance on placing strategic prioritisation on requests that will drive the business. 

Creating a new work request

Requestors are able to send work requests to a board and can collaborate on the tasks during their life cycletrack the process of approval and get real time visibility of progress. 

To create a new work request, click on the Create button in the top navigation bar and then select New Work Request.


You will then be presented with a dialog that includes the two different categories - Community Boards & My Boards. 

  • Community Boards tab shows all boards that are opened to requests from any members in the organisation.
  • My Boards tab displays all the boards you are an owner or member of.

Select the board you want to send the request to.

You will then be presented with the work request form to fill in.

Note that the list of fields displayed depends on whether or not you are an owner or member of the board you are sending the request to. Board owners and members can indeed directly assign the request on creation or set its status.

Tracking a Work Request

You can track the progress of your request by navigating to your Sent Items page. 

You will be able to see the status of the request and collaborate on the request by using the chat channel. You can also open the task dialog to see more advanced data and add additional information if needed.