Managing a Work Request

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Through the use of work requests, managers are able to track all requests coming into a board. A centralised view offers full visibility of requests at hand, while displaying the various objectives and resources available. 

In this article we will cover the steps on how to manage new work requests. 

Managing a work request

As a manager, the process of receiving, distributing and managing work is simplified! Your organisation has the visibility of the end-to-end approval process, enabling easier communication around all requests. This feature leads to early accountability and executive ownership, prior to a project/enhancement being approved.

When a work request is created/sent by the requestor, it is sent to the backlog of the board. As the manager/board owner, the next step is to review and approve the request. 

Step 1. Reviewing a work request

A new work request will appear in the backlog of the board, but first, as the manager, you will receive a notification via the Dot channel letting you know a request has been created. This request can be accessed in the chat channel. 

  • To access the Dot channel, click on the chat channel (chat bubble icon) or access it via the ChatHub.

  • In the channel, the work request notification will be displayed and can be reviewed by clicking on Open The Work Request.

  • The following dialog is displayed, allowing the manager to review the request and complete the outstanding details on the task.

The process of approving the request will be to complete the outstanding details on the task. This includes assigning the task to the person responsible for the task's progress, as well as updating the status of the task, to move it from the backlog to the board. 

Step 2. Approving a work request

As the board owner/manager, you can access the Backlog of the board to approve the work request.

  • Navigate to the board and click on Backlog in the top left of the screen to approve the work request.

  • Once you're in the backlog section, select and open the request by clicking directly on it.

  • In the dialog, complete the outstanding details and update the status of the task to move it from the backlog to the required board.  

Once the request has been approved, it will appear on the board as a task.

  • Navigate to the Open Items tab by clicking on My items from the Fluid home page. As the requestor of the task, all communication, including updates around the request will be visible in the status dropdown and chat channel. 

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