Creating Flex Board Tasks

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Oftentimes ad-hoc tasks are required to drive work in projects, flex boards are the unique go-to function to execute these tasks when it is necessary to track allocated and booked time towards the task completion. Within the Flex Board, you have the power to precisely specify the number of allocated hours for each board task.  As time is booked against tasks by your team, you gain real-time visibility into the hours booked and the remaining hours.

In this article, we will show you how to go about creating your own tasks to meet flex work requirements on your Flex Board

Step 1. Navigate to your Flex Board

  • Start by opening the project workspace of the project where you have created your flex board.
  • Click on Boards from the left-hand navigation panel to navigate to your flex board. 

You have two options at this stage:

  1.  Open Board (to create tasks directly from the board)
  2.  Open Backlog (to create tasks from the backlog to allocate to the board at a later stage)

Step 2. Creating tasks directly from the board

  • Click on Open Board.
  • You'll land on the board page, where you can click on New Kanban Task to create a new task.

  • Enter the name of the flex work task in the Title field and provide a description of the task if required. 
  • Select the task type, due date for the task to be complete, and set the priority and points versus impact if required. 
  • In the Assigned To section, you are able to assign the flex work task to the relevant person that needs to action the task.
  • In this example, the Themes of the board were labeled as "Departments". In this drop-down menu, you will select the value that represents the "Department" this task is for. 
  • You will notice that a section for Flex Work has been added to the form where you capture the hours required to be allocated to the task and the line of business that the flex work task pertains to.

At this stage you are still able to send this task to the backlog if it's not quite ready for visibility on the board for work to begin. If, however, it is ready for action on the board, the task will default to the "Not started" column, with the option of creating it at any stage - namely, In Progress, Completed, and Archived.

  • Lastly, once everything is filled in, click on Create and Close to create and view your flex work task.

You will see from the board that your task is displayed in the "Not Started" column, showing at a glance, the Line of business that was selected, the allocated hours, the assignee for the task and the due date of the task. 

Step 3. Creating tasks from the backlog

  • Click on Open Backlog.
  • In the backlog, you'll have the option to create a backlog task for the flex work board by clicking on New Backlog Task.

Now you are able to complete the task details as previously shown, and when you have finished creating the task, you will see a list of all your flex tasks in the backlog. 

Note that at any point in time, you can simply drag and drop the task onto the name of the board you wish to assign it to, and the relevant person will receive that task in their "My Items". 

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