May 2024 Release Notes

Modified on Fri, 31 May 2024 at 05:31 PM

31st May Patch release


  • Network Map: Fixed an issue that was preventing the network map page from opening.
  • Manage Financial Forecast: Hardened the code to handle null properties.

28th May Patch release

New - Easily Find Projects that have changed status

With our updated portfolio views, you can now easily identify projects that have changed status. This feature ensures you never miss critical changes, allowing you to manage by exception effectively. By highlighting status transitions, you can quickly focus on projects that require attention, improving your responsiveness and decision-making.

This streamlined visibility helps you stay on top of your project portfolio and ensures efficient management of ongoing projects. Experience this new feature today and take control of your project portfolio with ease. 


  • Gantt Schedule: Fixed few minor issues related to the Gantt View.
  • Project Details View: Fixed an issue where the Portfolio field incorrectly displayed the first value from the dropdown list as the selected value, even when no value had been set.

24th May Patch release


  • Financial Forecast Management Page: Improved the display to only show conditional custom properties if they are applicable to the records in view.
  • Financial Components: Added the ability to group financial records by financial reference.
  • Project Details Bulk Edit: Resolved an issue where the top-level parent projects were not being set correctly.
  • Non resource Forecast and Actuals Bulk Edit: Fixed a problem in the upload functionality where it did not correctly handle combinations of expense categories and types if multiple categories shared the same expense types. 
  • Benefits & Ongoing Costs: Corrected an issue where the expense type for Benefits & Ongoing Costs was not being saved when set through the dialog.

6th May Release

New - Gantt Keyboard Shortcuts

We've upgraded the Gantt Edit view to enhance task management efficiency. 

Key enhancements include the ability to directly edit task titles, efforts/durations, hours (for flex schedule tasks), and percentage completion without needing to open the task dialog. This direct editing capability ensures that changes can be made swiftly and easily, right from the Gantt chart interface. 

In addition to these direct editing features, we have integrated a set of keyboard shortcuts that further streamline navigation and task management. These shortcuts enable users to quickly create new tasks, navigate between tasks, and adjust the view of the Gantt chart, among other functions. 

Alt + EnterCreates a new task as a child of the selected task.
Alt + NNew top level task.
Ctrl + Mouse wheel/TrackpadCommand scrolls horizontally on the gantt. Switches the time period view (Day, Week, Month etc) if mouse cursor is on the gantt chart.
EnterCommand inputs or edits the task's field. Applies to all editable fields and creating new tasks or sub-tasks.
ArrowsNavigates through the cells and rows of the gantt chart.
Space BarCommand edits the task's field.

This dual enhancement of direct field editing and keyboard shortcuts ensures a smoother, more productive project management experience, reducing the reliance on multiple clicks and dialog interactions. 

For detailed guidance on using these shortcuts, you can access the help guide by pressing Alt-C on the Gantt View page and searching for 'Help with Gantt Keyboard Shortcuts'. You can also access the help guide here.


New - Introducing Financial Actual Upload Functionality 

Building on last month's enhancement of the Financial Forecast Upload, we are excited to announce the introduction of the Financial Actual Upload functionality this month. This new feature complements the existing forecasting capabilities by allowing financial administrators to upload and associate actual financial data with specific financial references. 

The Financial Actual Upload functionality enables precise reconciliation of actuals with forecasts at the financial reference level. By providing a direct method to upload and link actual financial outcomes, this tool enhances the accuracy and granularity of financial tracking and analysis. It simplifies the comparison and alignment of projected financial data with actual results, thereby improving financial oversight and decision-making. 

Similar to the forecast upload, the actuals upload is designed to integrate seamlessly with third-party financial systems. This integration not only streamlines the transfer of actual financial data into Fluid but also maintains consistency and integrity across different financial platforms. 

Accessible from the Financial Administration page, this functionality is exclusively available to users who have the Financial Administration role, ensuring controlled and secure access to critical financial data management tools. 

You can learn more about this new upload functionality here.

New - Group board tasks by due dates 

We've introduced a new feature to our board tasks: the ability to group tasks by their due dates. This enhancement allows you to easily visualise and manage tasks based on when they are scheduled to be completed, improving the efficiency of tracking project timelines and deadlines. This feature is especially useful for prioritising work and ensuring timely project progress, providing a clear overview that helps teams stay on track with their responsibilities.


  • Financial Forecast Restrictions: Corrected an oversight to ensure that financial forecasts cannot be added to user-locked cash expense types. While financial administrators retain the ability to update existing forecasts associated with these expense types, they cannot add new forecasts under them.
  • Meeting Agenda PDF Printing: Resolved an issue where printing the meeting agenda to PDF incorrectly displayed the content as meeting minutes. 
  • Project Templates: Enhanced the impact template upload process to ensure backward compatibility when using impact files in the old format. 
  • RAG Ordering and Filtering: Addressed inconsistencies in RAG ordering and filtering on projects with statuses different from the default Red, Amber and Green values. 
  • Attachments for Actions and Decisions: Removed restrictions that previously limited attachment additions to new actions and decisions to application administators only. 
  • Emails to Inactive Users: Implemented a fix to stop sending Timesheet Approval and Reminder Emails to inactive users. 
  • BI Report Data Retrieval Error: Fixed an object reference error that occurred when BI reports were set to pull data from Board, ensuring reliable API responses. 
  • REST API Rate Limiting Enhancement: Addressed a bug affecting our REST API where, under specific load or concurrent conditions, an incorrect limit count would be returned. 

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