Task types help you distinguish different types of work when creating board tasks. They therefore help you structure the work better and also help with reporting.

The task type definition is very dependent on the purpose of the process board. A sprint board used to track development tasks may have the below task types defined to represent the different types of work.

Board settings page

You can customise board task types at the time of the board creation or by navigating to the Board settings page if the board already exists. 

To access the board settings page, click on the Edit button on the top right of the board or backlog page.

Note that only board owners can access the board settings page and customise themes.

Customising Board Task Types

When a board is newly created, the Task Types component of the board settings page displays the list of default task types that have been configured by the system administrator.   

You can then decide to keep the list as is or amend it to meet your requirements.

To create a task type, click on the Add New button to open the dialog. 

  • Name
    • The name of the task type.
  • Colour
    • The colour that represents the task type.
  • Is Default 
    • Indicates whether the task type is the default task type when creating a new board task.

If you want to rename an existing task type, change its default settings or colour, click on the pencil icon next the task type name.

To delete a task type, click on the cross icon.

Don't forget to click on the Save button on the top right of the board settings page to save your changes!

Setting Task Types

Task types can be set/used when creating a new board task.

To set a task type, select a value from the Task Type dropdown list. Complete the other task fields and save.