Project Workspace Overview

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Fluid Projects is fully customisable and simple to use -  making it easy to run all types of projects. Everything that needs to be done to manage a project within Fluid, is accessible from the Project Workspace.


NOTE: This article outlines all features and functionality available on a Fluid project workspace.

You may find some of the sections covered are missing from your project workspace... What you have access to depends on what permissionining you have, or how your instance has been configured and what features are being used.

Project Details

This is where all the core meta-data of the project is displayed - portfolio, project type, active status, business driver, Project Manager, Business Owner, etc. Project Managers can update this data by clicking on Edit Details button.

It is important for this information on the project to be accurately maintained! How a project is classified directly impacts on its inclusion (or exclusion!) in the dynamic reporting dashboards.

This section of the Workspace also includes an overview for the financials for the project life-to-date as well as details for the current financial year.


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Status Report


This section displays the last three project status reports. Project Managers can click on New Report to create a new status report or click Edit Status to update an existing one. Status reports record the overall RAG of the project as well as any components that might be amber or red with path to green actions, owners and a due date.

The REPORTS drop down is where you can view your full status report history - or quickly generate a SteerCo report, with or without financials, and with or without any child project information.


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Actions and Decisions


The Action and Decision section of the Project Workspace surfaces all assigned activity relating to the project, where it can be managed and updated in one place:

  • Everything assigned FROM and TO the project - including, but not limited to:
    • Status report acknowledgements to owners on Red or Amber component RAGs
    • Acceptance requests for scenario planning
    • Acknowledgement requests to owners of Project Impacts
  • Actions and decisions from linked Meetings
  • Board tasks from linked Boards

The Quick Complete function allows you to swiftly mark items as complete without navigating into the item detail. Select the Open In Full View button to display the dashboard in one full page for an expanded view of your actions/tasks. 

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Deliverables, milestones, phases and workstreams for the project are managed in the Schedule section of the Project Workspace, promote schedule tasks to surface them in the project workspace or in dynamic reporting dashboards. 

EDIT GANTT VIEW will open up the schedule gantt editor page to begin detailed project planning.

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The Impacts section of the Project Workspace is a simple intuitive interface to capture all project impacts (risks/issues/dependencies/changes/relationships) with RAG status, owner, path to green, dependencies & additional custom properties.

Open Network Map - The Network Map is an ego-centric interactive chart representing incoming and outgoing project impacts and their relationships / dependencies.


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Track and manage the approved budget, forecasts and actuals for the project across any expense type.

Scenarios allow you to do financial planning without impacting on the real-time reported financials for the project.

Fluid supports capitalisation and amortisation, multi-currency & rate cards for resource forecasting.


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Set up a community around your project by adding people with their defined roles by selecting + Add New Team Member, then manage their allocation to the project via Edit Allocation

Rate cards can be applied to resources, when they have been applied and resource is allocated to the project, resource financial forecast is generated in the project financials. 


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With project resourcing comes Timesheeting! How much is a project REALLY costing? The time people have spent in delivering on your project is a cost and needs to be understood; when timesheets are enabled and paired with resource rate cards, they generate resource financials - compare them against resource financial forecasts in project financials. 




Fluid makes it super simple to track and manage benefits - both quantitative and qualitative - across any type or expense category.


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Ongoing Costs

Ongoing Costs


As with Benefits, you can also track and manage your projects On-going Costs into the future, for a more realistic view of the full financial impact of the project.


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Create a NEW sprint or Kanban board - or link existing boards. All the tasks from the linked Boards will be surfaced in the Action and Decision log of the project discussed earlier in this article...

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See all meetings linked to your project in the Meetings section of the Project Workspace. Create a NEW meeting - or link existing meetings relevant to the project. All the actions and decisions from the linked Meetings will be surfaced in the Action and Decision log of the project, discussed earlier in this article...

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Project Hierarchies


Fluid makes it effortless to construct and deconstruct project hierarchies by simply linking - or unlinking - projects. 

The information from linked sub-projects is displayed in additional sections on the 'Parent' project workspace - titled with the prefix Promoted:

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And lastly Documents! Add links to your existing document repositories - or upload documents directly to Fluid for a central location for all project related Information.

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