Scenario's allow you to try different resource allocation or non-resource forecast options without impacting what is being reported for your 'live' financials on the project.


To access scenarios, navigate to the Financials section of the project workspace and click on the  Scenario Button button.

Financials section


A project can have multiple scenario's underway at any given time. Badging on the scenarios button provides a count of the number of open scenarios on a project... Badged

The scenarios page provides a quick overview of all the active scenario's on a project:

List of Scenarios


  • Click on the title of a scenario to update and edit the scenario. 
  • The status of each scenario for the project you are currently in is displayed as Not Started, In Progress or Complete
  • Due Date is the date the planning for a scenario needs to be completed by
  • Originating Project shows the project that initiated the scenario. Clicking on here will open the Project Workspace of the originating project. 
  • Complete indicates how many of the projects in the scenario have completed their planning.

To create a new scenario click on Create New Scenario - enter a description for your scenario and the date the scenario must be completed and click on Create Button

New scenario

Each scenario has its own page for managing the details of the scenario:

Scenario Page


When editing resource allocations on a scenario, Fluid will only compare the resource allocations against other projects in the scenario when resources allocation adjustments are made during scenario planning. To check a scenario's allocations across the entire portfolio of live projects click on Check Allocation Button - it is strongly recommended this be assessed before committing a scenario to live.

Once your scenario has been completed and, if you want to apply the changes to the live project, you can do so by selectingCommit to Live

Or - if your scenario has not worked out and you no longer need it - select Delete Scenario

Back takes you back to the scenario listing.

By default the Financials section of the scenario page provides a roll-up view of the scenario financials for ALL projects in the scenario. You can switch to view individual projects by clicking on a project and selecting View Financials

You can scroll through multi-year by clicking on the little arrows either side of the date.

Project Status
When a scenario is created for a project, any sub-projects that report into that project are also automatically added to the scenario.

From this view you can see the completion status of each project in the scenario - not started Not Started, in progress In Progress, or complete Complete

Clicking on a project allows you to either send the project a message Send Message, navigate to the projects workspace Open Detail, or view the scenario financials for the project View Financials in the Financials section of the scenario page.

Project Managers are made aware of active scenarios awaiting their input via the badging of the scenarios button - Scenario Button - as well as a notification to their projects action dashboard.



Scenario adjustments to financial forecasting Financials or  resource allocations Allocations for any of the  listed projects can be managed directly from here for each project.

A scenario can also be accessed and amended from within each project individually - i.e. Barbara is able to access and manage input for the scenario for her project, 'Project Alpha: Build Out', from the financials section of her project workspace by selecting Scenario.

Once a project has finalised input for the scenario the project can be confirmed as Complete. If any changes need to be made, simply select Reopen.