Introduction to Project Dashboards

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A project dashboard is a vital tool for project managers to monitor all ongoing projects within the organization, determine which ones require more attention or resources, and identify those progressing as planned. 

Fluid provides a wide range of dashboard layouts that you can use to report on your projects. These dashboards cover key areas like project health, financials, resource capacity, outstanding issues, timelines, and beyond.

In this article, you will receive an overview of how to use Fluid project dashboards.


Accessing Project Dashboards

Click on the Projects link in the top navigation bar to access the project dashboards.

You will be presented with the project dashboard that has been set up as the default view. If you have not set up a dashboard as a default view yourself, then the dashboard displayed will be the default dashboard that has been configured by your application administrator for your account or for the instance.

Accessing saved dashboards

Saved reporting dashboards can be accessed using the Other Dashboards menu option. 

  • My Dashboards tab displays your own saved dashboards.
  • The Project Dashboards tab shows all project dashboards that have been set to public.
  • The Resource Dashboards tab shows all resource dashboards that have been set to public.
  • If there are any dashboards that have been saved under another dashboard category, the dialog will display additional tabs for all saved categories.

To find more information on how to create new dashboards, set them as public or edit existing dashboards, click here.

Portfolio Dashboards

If you need to see the project dashboards per portfolio, use the Change Portfolio menu to select the portfolio or sub-portfolio you are interested in.  

Once the portfolio dashboard is displayed, you can apply more filters or switch to another report layout as described in the above sections.

Project Dashboard Page Overview

Project filters

Use the project filters to refine the list of projects included in the dashboard view. 

Don't forget to click on the apply button after changing the filter criteria.

You can also search by project title or project external references using the search project input field.

The filters that are currently applied to the dashboard being displayed are listed at the top of the page.

Report layouts

Fluid comes with an extensive library of dashboard layouts that you can use to report on your projects. They include dashboards to report on the project health, financials, resourcing, open impacts, scheduling and more.

You can change the report layout by clicking on Switch Report Layout in the secondary navigation bar.

You will then be presented with different report layouts grouped by themes.

Once you have selected the layout you want to apply, click on the corresponding Select button. Selecting a new report layout does not change the filter criteria applied to your dashboard.

Exporting project dashboard data

Use the Tools menu to:

  • Extract the dashboard currently displayed to PDF.
  • Export the project data to Excel. For more information on Excel reports, click here.
  • Export the project data to Word or PowerPoint. For more on how to create your own Word and Powerpoint templates, click here.
  • Update the project data using Bulk Edit. For more information on Bulk Edit, click here.

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