March 2024 Release Notes

Modified on Tue, 26 Mar 2024 at 11:02 AM

22nd March Patch Release


  • Outlook Recurring Meeting Sync with Fluid: Previously, sending a single occurrence of a recurring meeting from Outlook to Fluid Meetings mistakenly created two sessions in Fluid. The resolution now involves verifying the calendar event for a recurrence ID to ensure only one meeting session is created.
  • Fiscal Year View Export to Excel: Addressed an issue where exporting the Fiscal Year View to Excel with custom date ranges only accounted for the start date and not the end date.
  • Meeting Dialog Layout Enhancement: Improved the layout of the meeting dialog for better usability.

16th March Patch Release


  • Milestone End Date Correction: Addressed a problem where setting an end date for a milestone resulted in the date changing unexpectedly to a different one than specified.
  • Meeting Minute Layout Fix: Improved the layout of meeting minutes for enhanced readability and organization.

13th March Patch Release


  • User Record Updates: Fixed a bug where updating a user record by someone with only user management rights inadvertently removed the application admin role from the user record. 
  • Follow-On Actions for Board Tasks: Resolved an issue where creating follow-on actions from board tasks prematurely closed the task dialog, risking data loss.
  • Loading Comments: Addressed an issue where the 'load more comments' function was not operating correctly.
  • Task Dialog Dates: Corrected a display problem where schedule task dates were not visible in the task dialog for weekend dates when the 'include weekends' setting was deactivated. 
  • Schedule Task Creation: Strengthened the code to ensure that cancelling the creation of a schedule task effectively prevents the task from being created. 
  • Workspace Page Rendering: Corrected a rendering issue where apostrophes in a project's title caused the workspace page to display the financials component improperly.
  • Project Linking Consistency: Ensured that when a project is added as a sub-project from the UI, the project hierarchy for this sub-project is correctly recorded.

7th March Patch Release


  • Project Administrator Access: Ensured project administrators have access to the activity setup page. 
  • Comment Posting: Resolved an issue that was preventing comments from being posted successfully. 
  • Resource Allocation: Implemented safeguards to prevent negative resource allocations through the user interface.
  • Rich Text Note Handling: Addressed an issue where adding a rich text note to a meeting item without setting a title to that item prevented the meeting notes from being saved.

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