April 2024 Release Notes

Modified on Thu, 06 Jun 2024 at 09:10 PM

22nd April Patch Release


  • Project Names: Corrected an issue to allow the use of forward slashes (/) in the names of projects. 
  • Dashboard Saving Error: Resolved a bug that prevented users from saving dashboards.
  • Editable Percentage Complete in Schedule: Enhanced permissions settings now enable assignees of schedule tasks to directly edit the 'percentage complete' field within the schedule task dialog. 
  • Alphabetical Role Listing: Adjusted the community grid to list roles in alphabetical order, enhancing usability and navigation. 
  • Outdenting Task Error: Fixed an error encountered when outdenting tasks in the project schedule. 
  • Group by Calculated Custom Property on Boards: Enabled grouping by calculated custom properties on boards for improved data organization and analysis. 
  • Duplicate Records in Status Updates Filter: Eliminated an issue causing duplicate records to appear when filtering by status updates. 
  • Power BI: Addressed an issue when exporting boards to Power BI
  • Chat UI Improvement: Implemented UI improvements in the chat interface to enhance user experience and interaction. 

10th April Release

Improved Navigation for Large Boards

We've made some enhancements to the board page to greatly improve usability for boards with numerous columns or large number of tasks. Understanding the navigational challenges presented by large Kanban boards, we've introduced several key features to streamline workflow and improve ease of use: 

Enhanced Column Navigation: To help in managing boards with a large number of columns, we've introduced new navigation icons that allow users to: 

  • Quickly jump to the farthest column on the right or left.
  • Easily move to the next column to the right or left.

Task Group Scroll Bars: We've implemented a more intuitive navigation solution for grouped tasks. Each group now features its own horizontal scroll bar, eliminating the need to scroll to the bottom of the page to move horizontally across the board. This change addresses the difficulty previously experienced with large process boards, where scrolling was cumbersome and required zooming out, using the keyboard, or scrolling to the bottom to drag the scrollbar. 

These improvements directly address feedback for a more user-friendly scrolling mechanism by allowing top-bar dragging across large process boards.

To access these new controls, select 'Show Control Scrolls' at the top of the board page.

You can the use the icons to jump to the previous or next column or jump to to the farthest column on the right or left.

Enhanced Financial Forecast Upload Functionality

This release includes an enhancement to Fluid's financial bulk edit functionality: the Financial Forecast Upload functionality. Designed with financial administrators in mind, this feature simplifies the process of importing and bulk-editing financial forecasts across multiple projects. This feature is not only a time-saver but also helps with enhanced financial control and agility. This efficiency not only streamlines data management but also ensures that financial planning is both accurate and adaptable to changing project needs.

  • Efficiency in Financial Planning: Manually entering forecast data for each project is time-consuming and prone to errors. The bulk upload functionality allows for the efficient handling of large volumes of financial data, reducing the risk of manual errors and freeing up time for strategic analysis and decision-making. 

  • Seamless Third-party Integration: Many organisations utilise separate systems for finance and accounting. The Financial Forecast upload feature bridges these systems, allowing for the seamless transfer of financial forecast data from third-party systems into the Fluid. This integration ensures consistency across platforms and enhances data integrity.

The upload functionality is available from the Financial Administration page and only users with the Financial Administration role on their account can use the functionality.

You can learn more about this new upload functionality here

Export Capabilities for Board Task Follow-On Actions and Decisions

To further improve project reporting and review processes, we've introduced a new feature that allows for the exporting of follow-on actions and decisions associated with board tasks directly to Excel. This functionality builds upon the existing ability to add follow-on actions and decisions to tasks — a feature that has significantly improved the tracking and auditing of task-related activities. With this latest update, users can now efficiently consolidate and export the list of actions and decisions associated to each task, streamlining the analysis and reporting of project progress and outcomes.

From Field Added to Action Bulk Edit Template

We've added the 'From' field to the Action Bulk Edit template to make it easier to update action's status. This new field clearly indicates the origin of each action and decision, providing valuable context and improving the visibility of action sources within projects. 

Please note that this field is a read-only field, i.e. that you cannot use the bulk edit functionality to change the value of where an action originates from.


  • Schedule Task Read-Only View Rendering: Corrected an issue where the read-only view of schedule tasks was not displaying correctly.
  • Schedule Bulk Edit Task Type Error: Resolved a problem encountered when changing the type of a task during schedule bulk edits.
  • Project Status RAG Configuration Rendering Issues: Fixed occasional rendering issues caused by removing or updating the project status RAG configuration.
  • Simple Search Page Layout Issues: Addressed layout problems on the simple search page to enhance usability.
  • Stale Data in Request Count: Made a change to ensure the number of request counts reflects current data, resolving the previous issue of stale information display.
  • Team Page Access Error: Corrected an error on the Team page that was due to users not having the necessary roles to access the team allocation section.
  • Project Dashboard Dialog Layout Overflow: Adjusted the project dashboard dialog layout to prevent content overflow, ensuring all information is easily viewable.
  • User Data Export Error: Eliminated an error that was occurring during the export of user data, streamlining the data export process.

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