Link a board task to project schedule task

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Linking board tasks to project schedule tasks enhances the projects transparency by allowing for better tracking of progress. By linking board tasks to project schedule tasks, there is clear alignment between the tasks being performed and the overall project timeline. This helps ensure that tasks can be prioritised and executed in a timely manner, and project team members can see directly how their board tasks are contributing to the completion of schedule tasks.

This article will cover how:

  • Project managers can link specific milestones (schedule task) to board tasks. 
  • Review and identify schedule task link on the board card
  • Unlinking tasks

Note: Only schedule task type "Milestone" is currently supported for this function. 

Linking a board task to schedule task

Linking board tasks to project milestones facilitates progress tracking at both the task and milestone levels. With a clear understanding of task dependencies, critical paths, and progress, project managers can make informed decisions to mitigate risks and adjust priorities appropriately.  

Start by linking a board to a project. 

Note: a board must first be linked to a project for the link schedule task option to be available. 

With the board linked to the project, navigate to the schedule to access a schedule milestone task. 

  • In the schedule milestone task details, navigate to the link a board task section and select the Link a Board Task option.

  • Search for the board task that will be linked.

  • With the board task selected, click on Link to save the link.

  • Once the link has been established, the name, due date and percentage complete of the board task will be visible in the schedule task details. 

  • Click on Edit to see the option to un-link board task from schedule task. Click Show Details to see the who the task is assigned to. 

Now that the link between schedule task and board task has been established, the schedule task will be automatically updated as the board task is progressed. 

The following fields on the schedule task/milestone will be disabled and managed directly from  the board task:

  • Due Date
  • Status  
  • Percentage complete

A notification within the comments section of the schedule task is also provided once the tasks are linked to update the change applied to the  task's due date.


Reviewing the linked board task

The link between schedule task and board task promotes a shared understanding of the task's progress and enables more effective coordination between different team members or departments involved in the project effort. 

Next step is to review the board task and make updates that will be associated with the schedule task. Identify the tasks that have linked schedule tasks to them from the board. 

  • The linked board card can be identified with the linked schedule icon.

  • On the board task's dialog, the linked task section will display the linked schedule task.

  • Once the task is identified, the updates can be managed directly from the board task - i.e Due Date or Status.

  • As the board task fields are updated, the schedule task's status is updated with the corresponding details.

Unlinking a schedule task from the board task

After the link has between board and schedule task has been created, the link can be amended at any point in time should there be a need to realign a new schedule task to the board task. 

To unlink the tasks, navigate to the schedule task and select the Edit option from the linked board task section. 

The dialog expands with Unlink Board Card option displayed.

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