May 2021 Release Notes

Modified on Tue, 25 May 2021 at 06:58 PM

25th May Patch Release


  • ShortID column added to board Excel extracts.
  • Filter options added to the Promoted Schedule component on project dashboards.

18th May Release

IMPROVEMENT - New layout added to Project with Status component

  • You can now switch between two layouts when using the Project status component. 
    • The project status layout shows the project status and the component RAGs
    • The project details layout displays the project information including the project dates, portfolio, status, primary PM and overall RAG.

  • Use the View Layout function to switch between the views. You can also choose to display the projects grouped by programs and parent projects or to show the project status report's achievements and next steps.

NEW - Clone a board task

  • You can now clone a task when creating a follow on task.
  • All properties of the task being cloned are copied to the new task, including custom properties if they applied to the board the clone task is created on.

NEW - New custom property types

  • Two new custom property types have been added:
    • hyperlink - you can now add a URL as custom property. Clicking on the hyperlink value will take you to the site the link points to.
    • valued option - this allows you to set a weight to the options values in order to make more informed decision. The next release will introduce a new custom property type to calculate the average weight among a set of valued option properties.

IMPROVEMENT - Resource and Project cost centres

  • Resource and Project cost centres can now be set up in metadata management.
  • Each cost centre is defined by a code and a description. Both values are shown when selecting a cost centre to help identify the correct cost centre.
  • When setting a cost centre against a project or a resource, you can either select a value from the dropdown list or add your own value.


  • Project resource allocation
    • The resource role is no longer selected by default when allocating a new resource to a project.
    • It is now also possible to automatically use the resource role (i.e. the role set up on the user account) as project role.
  • Timesheets 
    • A new configuration settings has been added to prevent timesheets being submitted against some project types.
  • Actions / Tasks
    • You can now delete actions or board tasks even if they have follow on actions. Deleting the parent task will delete to link to the follow on action.

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