May 2023 Release Notes

Modified on Fri, 2 Jun, 2023 at 5:24 PM

29th May Release

New - Combine structured Gantt Schedules and flexible Agile Delivery

The lack of transparency into task progress and its relation to project timelines often leads to inefficiency in tracking project status and miscommunication among cross-functional teams.

This new feature mitigates these challenges by integrating board tasks with project schedules, promoting real-time visibility into task progression and overall project milestones. In other words, you can now link board tasks to schedule milestones and the status, progress and due date of the milestone will then be automatically derived from the linked board task.

Linking board tasks to project schedule milestones therefore enhances the project's transparency by allowing for better tracking of progress. By linking board tasks to project schedule tasks, there is clear alignment between the tasks being performed and the overall project timeline. This helps ensure that tasks can be prioritised and executed in a timely manner, and project team members can see directly how their board tasks are contributing to the completion of schedule tasks.

Other benefits from using this new feature include:

  • Automatic progress updates into Gantt visualization. 
  • Eliminates manual tracking and miscommunication between project manager and team. 
  • Improves collaboration and alignment of cross-functional teams.  
  • Enables project managers to focus on project timeline (‘when’) and accurate reporting of progress to key stakeholders. 
  • Allows developers to focus on task execution ('how’) and stay in the detail without having to give updates on progress outside of agile rituals.

The below image shows an example of a milestone linked to a board task. The milestone due date, status and progress are automatically updated as the due date and status of the linked board task change. You can also navigate to the linked board task but clinking on the task title in the Linked board task section of the milestone's dialog. 

You can read more about how to link board tasks to milestones in the article here.

Enhancements / Fixes

  • Drag and drop functionality has been added to the custom property definition page to facilitate custom property re-ordering.
  • You can now filter on sub-projects' RAG status when exporting to Word or PowerPoint. You can learn more about it here.
  • Project managers were losing their edit rights on the projects after adding editors.
  • Fixed an issue with custom property of type YesNo.
  • Timesheet approval requests were not always removed from the approver's dashboard after they approved the timesheets.

17th May Release

New - Rich Text Custom Properties for Improved Data Presentation

This release expands the capabilities of custom properties by offering the Rich Text Type. This new feature provides a range of text formatting options, empowering you to create and edit text with greater flexibility. From bolding and italicizing to creating bulleted lists, this update paves the way for more visually engaging and organized data presentation.

The Rich Text Type also comes with the added advantage of improving the reading layout when reporting to Word or PowerPoint. This means that the data can be presented in a more structured, reader-friendly manner, making it easier to communicate complex information clearly and efficiently.

New - Portfolio Status Report

This release also includes a new project dashboard that provides a list view of projects status reports. Search for Portfolio Status Report in the Switch Layout dialog to access it!

Enhancement - Jira & Ado Integration

We've made some significant upgrades to our Jira and Azure DevOps (ADO) integration. These changes aim to elevate the user experience and the overall performance of the platform. 

  • Percent Done Progress Now Visible on Board Card Level
    • We've made it easier for you to track the progress of the task. The percentage of completion (% done) is now displayed directly on the board card, offering you a quick and convenient overview of the task progress. 
  • Easy Access with Scrollable Left Navigation 
    • We've improved the task dialog navigation to make it easier to navigate to the integration section. 
  • Performance Improvements with Batch Request for ADO and Jira 
    • This enhancement will result in a faster, more efficient, and smoother user experience. 
  • Achieving Functional Parity between Fluid and Jira / ADO 
    • Our aim is to ensure consistency in your user experience, regardless of the integrated platform. To this end, we are working to provide functional parity between Fluid and Jira / ADO, ensuring that features and capabilities are aligned across both platforms.

Other Enhancements

  • You can now export sub project's custom properties to Word and PowerPoint when iterating through the list of subprojects.
  • Accountable Executive fields have been added to Missing Timesheets export to Excel.


  • The timesheet bulk approval functionality on project workspace was only approving a subset of timesheet when the approval was initiated by project editors.
  • Financial custom properties were not visible in the Edit Actuals dialog.

14th May Patch Release

Enhancements / Fixes:

  • The "Close" button has been reintroduced to both the User and Placeholder pages.
  • In the Export User report, if a resource has multiple consecutive plans, the Start Date value is set to the earliest among those plans.
  • A problem with the shared list property cache incorrectly displaying extra values has been resolved.
  • Projects' visibility is adjusted to either Private or Public based on the Default Project Visibility status.
  • PMs can now see financial custom properties when adding new non-resource forecast records.
  • The User Management page can now display up to 100 records before paging is required, an increase from the previous limit.

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