August 2023 Release Notes

Modified on Thu, 24 Aug, 2023 at 6:11 PM

24th August Patch Release


  • You can save a project dashboard or share a link to a project dashboard with the left hand side filter menu collapsed or expanded.


  • Expense Type Bulk Upload was setting the Capex % value incorrectly.
  • Promoted impacts from archived projects were seen on project dashboards.
  • The project search page was failing to load if no project custom properties had been defined.

18th August Release

New - Flexible Resource Forecasting: Toggle Between Headcount and Hours for Precision Planning

Forecasting resources in projects is an important aspect of project management that involves estimating the time, cost, and other resources required to complete a project successfully.

Our latest enhancement to resource management takes you into the detail - allowing project managers to toggle between forecasting resources in headcount terms, to forecasting them in terms of hours. With this improvement to our resource management, project managers have a view of the number of individuals required for a project, as well as the specific number of hours each resource is expected to contribute.

Overall, the ability to toggle between headcount and hourly terms in resource forecasts provides project managers with a more comprehensive and dynamic understanding of resource allocation, workload distribution and enables more accurate cost estimation.

New - Tailored Impact, Probability, and Risk Rating for Effective Project Impact Management

Project impacts allow you to capture and track all the impacts of your project using a single, easy-to-use interface. This interface provides a clear overview of the project's impacts (Risks, Assumptions, Issues, Dependencies, Changes, Variances) including their RAG status, the person responsible, steps to resolve any issues, dependencies, and customisable properties. This helps you efficiently manage and monitor the project's progress, ensuring nothing falls through the cracks and enabling proactive actions to keep the project on track.

We've enhanced our impact management capabilities... introducing first-class risk analysis properties for impacts! With our new Impact, Probability, and Risk Rating setup page, you have the flexibility to create personalised weightings for impact and probability. You can choose which impact types these weightings and options are applicable to, and have complete control over how your risk ratings are calculated and displayed. This means you can now effectively analyse, evaluate and prioritise impacts, making informed decisions and taking proactive measures to mitigate potential issues, and  get the most of project impact reporting.

New - Integrated Impact Tracking for Informed Schedule Planning

The project schedule view provides a clear overview of your project's timeline, allowing project managers to easily plan and understand project progress at a glance. Not only this, but project schedules also give a clear view across various project actions, workstreams, milestones, and deliverables, enabling project managers and stakeholders to see how various components of the project align and interconnect. This helps to identify dependencies, prioritise, and utilise resources effectively.

With our latest enhancement, we're taking the benefits of project schedules even further. Project schedule items will now display any linked project impacts, with a badge displayed alongside the schedule item that shows the RAG status and number of linked impacts. This visual indicator draws your focus to specific schedule items that may have significant implications for the overall project success and empowers you to make decisions and take necessary actions to mitigate risks, prioritise, and plan ahead with confidence.

New - Tailor Your Views for Effective Resource Management

Resource dashboards offer a plethora of views on current resource utilisation, resource forecasts by project, capacity plans, and so much more. We've stepped up our game and elevated resource dashboard capabilities to an entirely new level... charts on resource dashboards are now configurable! This exciting feature allows you to focus on the information that truly matters to you and your stakeholders.

Creating your own customisable charts on your resource dashboard not only offers an engaging display of your data but also hands you the reins to determine which resource property the charts should represent. Plus, you get to choose how the data should be displayed - whether in a pie chart, bar chart, or column chart. Explore the possibilities and make the most of your data with our enhanced resource dashboard charts!

New - Update your Action RAG Status using Bulk Edit

Managing action statuses is now easier than ever with our new bulk edit action RAG status feature. Now, you can effortlessly update each action and make multiple status updates per assignee.

This enhancement ensures that project managers are fully informed about the status of all their actions per assignee, keeping them in the loop and facilitating quick edits via bulk edit. Stay on top of your projects progress and enjoy the convenience of efficiently managing action statuses.

Enhancement - Project Detail Export: New Created On Column

Our project detail export has been further enhanced! Introducing the all-new 'Created On' column, which displays the date your project was originally created. With this valuable addition, you now have access to a comprehensive audit trail that allows you to trace back to the very inception of your projects.

By harnessing this feature, you can effortlessly maintain a complete record and gain valuable insights into your project's timeline. Not only will this level of detail provide you with a better understanding of your project's history, but it will also greatly enhance accountability.

Enhancement -ADO / Jira Integration

  • Jira workflow transition IDs will now be used instead of status names when making issue transition state changes. Any conditions or triggers as defined as part of the transition are honoured accordingly.
  • Fluid Custom Properties can now be configured against both Devops/Jira top level system and custom properties. Configured properties will be updated as part of the sync.


  • Lock project dates to non project admins - if this feature is on, then only a Project Admin will be able to edit Start, End, Phase and Implementation dates on Project Edit page. These fields will be read only for non project admins.
  • License column added to the Resource Plan bulk edit extract to easily update user' license type.
  • You can now attribute and edit parent tasks to actions and decisions, from the Grouped Actions bulk edit extract.
  • Resolved - Project dashboard status table parametres not being saved, these will now be retained when a dashboard is saved.
  • Resolved - @Mentions in chat not sending notification emails to the mentioned user.
  • Resolved - Phases show the wrong date when start with a milestone.
  • Resolved - Board Backlog if task created and follow up decision added with multi assignee then task listed multiple times.
  • Resolved - Save Button on Status History is not working when opened in 2nd dialog.

2nd August Release

New - Customisable Charts for Better Board Task Insights

Board Workspaces amplify the power of task management by providing an intuitive, centralised view of all activities across the board. They are designed to give you full visibility of the task's progress across the different boards, therefore removing the complexity that often comes with managing multiple boards. 

Up until now, Board Workspaces have been providing you with a breakdown of tasks by status, task type, and theme, all visually represented through clear, easy-to-understand pie charts. However, we're taking this feature a step further. We have updated these charts to offer customisability, granting you the flexibility to decide which task property the chart should depict and the type of graph it should be displayed in, be it a pie chart, bar chart, or column chart. This enhancement allows you to truly tailor your Board Workspaces to fit your project's unique needs, ensuring you have the most relevant and impactful insights into the work happening at your fingertips.

New - Enhanced Resource Structuring: Streamlining Divisions, Departments, and Teams

We have refined the resource record details to more effectively reflect the structure of the teams resources are a part of. By drawing clear distinctions between divisions, departments, and teams, we are enabling more accurate tracking and reporting of efforts and interdependencies within teams and organisations. 

Here's what's new: 

  • Resource records can now be associated with a specific division, department, and team. 
  • Application and user administrators can predefine values for division, department, and team fields via the new Division, Department, and Team Administration page, accessible from the Administration Console. You can find a guide on how to set up these values here
  • The 'Division' and 'Department' fields replace the previous 'Portfolio' and 'Sub Portfolio' fields attached to user records. To maintain backwards compatibility, we've transferred existing portfolio and sub portfolio values to the new division and department fields respectively.

Enhancements - Schedule Type Filtering

  • We've upgraded our Gantt chart filtering functionality to allow for multiple schedule types to be be selected, rather than one type at a time.  This enhancement allows you to easily identify and view the project schedule items that matter to you, such as deliverables and milestones together in one view  -  for improved insights and reporting capabilities.

Enhancements - ADO / Jira integration

We are continuing improving ADO / Jira integration features. Here is what is new in this release:

  • Support for custom sync modes for each mapped task property, One way (Push), One way (Pull), Two way Synch (Push/Pull). 
  • Subtasks are now ordered by status "Not Started" percentage, descending.
  • Related tasks are ordered by Status code descending. 
  • Consolidated the UI for consistency across fluid.
  • Custom ADO/Jira/Fluid statuses can now be mapped per task type. Each task type can now be configured separately and independently, mapping to your internal structure and policies as required.


  • People mention in comments will now automatically receive an email notification. 

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