Creating New Board Tasks

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Once you have set up your board, you can start creating your board tasks or cards as they are often called. Board tasks are used to represent user stories, ideas or tasks. For instance, if you have set up your board to track your to-list, each task will represent something that needs to get done. In the case of a sprint board, there will be a mixture of cards representing the user stories and cards that represent the different tasks that need to get done to complete the user stories.

  • Creating a task is very simple. Click on the New Sprint Task (or New Kanban Task button depending on the type of your board) in the top navigation bar or click on the + icon of the status column you want to add a new task to.

  • You will then be presented with the following dialogue. 

The only required information to create a new task is the task title but see the below table for more details on what each field means.

Title the name of the task
See Descriptionthe task description (if the field is collapsed, click on 'See description' to expand it)
Task Typethe type of task (these values are fully customisable and can be configured by the board owners)
Pointsthe points effort that will be required to complete the task
Impact the impact value that the task has
Priority the task priority 
Due Datethe task due date
Impediment flag to indicate whether the task is an impediment for the completion of the process
Assigned Tothe task assignee/s (see section below for more information on assignees)

Board tasks can be assigned to users, projects or workhubs. Use the assignee drop down icon to select the type of the assignee, then start typing the assignee name to search for the assignee (see below image).

Theme the theme associated with the task (these values are fully customisable and can be configured by the board owners)
Add towhich board or backlog the task should be added to
Status current status of the task
Propertiesas explained in this article, tasks can be customised to hold a wide variety of additional information required to fully capture the task details. The property section will list all the properties that have been set up by the board owners.
Checklist checklist of all to-do points for the task
Attachments supporting documents that can be attached or linked to the task

  • Once you are satisfied that all information has been entered correctly, click on Create & Close if you do not have more tasks to record or click on Create to capture your next task. The task will then appear on your board. You can drag and drop the cards across lists to show progress, click on a card to update it or click on the chat icon to add comments.


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