Creating a new board couldn't be easier. To build on the work process of a board, tasks are required with a level of detail. 

Creating boards tasks

When creating a new board task, depending on which board type that is selected. The task will be either a new Kanban Task or Sprint Task.

Once you click on "New Kanban Task" "New Sprint Task", the task dialogue will be displayed with following fields:

  • Title - the name of the task
  • See Description - field for the full description of what the task is about
  • Task Type - the type of task (these values are fully customisable)
  • Points - points effort that will be required to complete the task
  • Impact - impact value that the task has  
  • Priority - priority of the task
  • Due Date - due date of the task
  • Impediment - impediments that may delay the task's completion
  • Assigned To - task assignee. (Shown in image below)
  • Theme - themes associated with the task 
  • Add to (will be defined as the chosen board type)  - which board or backlog the task should be added to
  • Status - status of the task
  • Checklist - checklist of all to-do points for the task
  • Attachments - supporting documents to the task

Assigned To

On each board task, there are assignee options to which a task can be assigned to. Namely:

  • People
  • Projects
  • Workhubs

When choosing which assignee to assign the task to, you can use the assignee drop down (grey icon under Assigned To)


Clone Tasks

With each board there are specific tasks that often reoccur over a period of time. Clone task provides each board the ability to copy over tasks or clone specific tasks with their details to the same board and to other boards. 

To copy or clone a task, navigate to a task and click on Follow On option. 

That will present two options, namely:

  • Create A Follow On Task On This Board - for copying the same task within the same board. Once you create the task, it will appear in the Follow On section of the task that it was copied from.

  •  Create A Follow On Task On A Different Board - for copying or cloning a task to a different board entirely. 

    Once the dialogue opens, you'll be able to either clone the task which will copy the task's details as they are set already and select the board you want the task to be added to. Once you have confirmed all your fields, click on Create & Go To Board to see the newly added task.

    Opening the task will also display all its details and where it comes from by clicking on Open Parent which will navigate you to the original task.