July 2021 Release Notes

Modified on Wed, 28 Jul 2021 at 07:57 PM

28 July Release

New - Export to Excel Email functionality

  • Very large excel reports can take some time to be generated, especially when downloading fiscal year financial reports. 
  • You don't need to wait for the report to download anymore! Instead, you can select to receive an email with a link to the report. 

  • Once the report is ready, you will also receive a notification in your Dot channel with a link to report.

  • Note that financials, timesheets or resourcing reports for more than 50 projects will always be emailed to you as they can be too large to download.

New - Path to Green & Impacts dashboard layout

  • A new dashboard layout is now available. The new dashboard combines the Path-to-green & Impacts view with the Red/ Amber Component view with just one difference: the RAG by Portfolio section is replaced by the RAG by Project Category section. 

Other enhancements

  • Resource managers can now download the timesheet report for all direct and indirect resources from My Team page.
  • Data administrators can download resource plans and project details from the Data Administration page.
  • New feature has been added to hide the Resource Database link from the Data Administration page.
  • Financial Administrators can download the Non Resource Actuals & Forecasts template from the Financial Administration page.
  • Additional validation has been added to the Timesheets module to warn resources if the timesheet they are editing has been updated since they opened the timesheet page.
  • It is now possible to specify whether a board custom property should be displayed on the board card or should only be seen on the task dialog.
  • Change has been made to the action dialog to always bring validation errors into view.
  • Feature to force the selection of an issue and risk when creating a status report with amber and red components has been changed as follows:
    • An issue is mandatory for primary component RAGs with a red status.
    • A risk or issue is mandatory for primary component RAGs with an amber status or for non primary component RAGs with a red or amber status.


  • My Items page - fixed continuous scrolling.
  • Custom properties
    • fixed performance when setting up a option type custom property using bulk edit.
    • new validation added to check custom property unique names.
    • multi-option custom properties were not being saved for benefits and ongoing costs.
  • All projects on a dashboard can now be automatically added as assignees to an action created from the dashboard.

7 July Release


  • Project Impacts - Show impacts by type, impacts recently updated or assigned to you
    • Use the new impact filters on the project or program workspace to filter the impacts by types or display the impacts that have been recently updated or that are assigned to you.

  • Export to Word / PowerPoint - Add document links to your project reports 
    • New binding elements have been added to export links to the documents attached to actions, project impacts or schedule tasks.

  • Project dashboards - Project filters can be ordered alphabetically 
    • Click on the filter icon to change the default filter order to alphabetical order. The settings is saved even if you leave the page. Click on the icon again if you want to revert to the original order.


  • Export to Word / PowerPoint will now return the list of schedule tasks in the Gantt order.
  • Fixed an issue with schedule task bulk edit functionality (Gantt order column value was sometimes incorrectly processed).


  • Use Today as Lock Date feature has been decommissioned.

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