User roles:  ✔ Application Administrator   ✔ Project Administrator  

Fluid offers a wide range of pre-built dashboards that can also be customized to match your project reporting requirements. We will explain in this article how you can configure new project dashboards. 

Navigate to Administration Console from the drop-down menu under your Avatar.

From the Administration Console, navigate to the Project Settings section of the page and select Configure Project Dashboards.

Once you've landed on the page, click on Add a dashboard button to create a new project dashboard.

Below is a definition of each field option:

Field NameDescription
NameThe name of the project dashboard.
Search CriteriaThe query string parameters (URL parameters) that need to be used for this dashboard.

CategoryThe dashboard category this new dashboard should be displayed in.

Dashboards are grouped within categories. You can either create your own category or use an existing one.

DescriptionThe description that explains what the project dashboard is and what it is used for.
Report LayoutThe report layout to be used for this dashboard.
Is ActiveSets whether the project dashboard is active or not. Set as "Yes/No" flag.