Extracting your board tasks to Excel allows you to manipulate the information off-line.

Navigate to the board you want to extract the tasks from. Click on the Excel icon next to the search box to download the report.

Field descriptions

Column & Title

A. BoardTitleThe name of the board.
B. BoardIdThe board unique Id.
C. AddToSprintThe sprint or Kanban board the task belongs to.
D. ActionIdThe task unique Id.
E. ShortIdThe task unique identifier within the board. This value is set by the system and cannot be updated.
F. TitleThe task title.
G. ThemeThe theme / epic assigned to the task.
H. PointsEstimation of the size of the work expressed in point values (Fibonacci numbers - 1 to 21).
I.  ImpactEstimation of the impact of the work (Fibonacci numbers - 1 to 21).
J. AssignedToThe full names of the assignee.
K. AssignedToIdThe assignee usernames.
L. ImpedimentThe value (yes/no) states whether the task has been set as an impediment for the sprint delivery.
M. TaskTypeThe task type.
N. RankThe task order within the board.
O. DueDateThe date that the task is due.
P. PriorityThe task priority -  High, Medium or Low.
Q. StatusThe status of the item. Status values will vary depending on the specified/customised columns of the board.
R. RAGStatusN/A
S. StatusUpdateN/A
T. StatusUpdateDateN/A
U. DescriptionThe task description. This is the detailed explanation of the content that is related to the task.
V. CreatedThe date the task was created on.
W. CreatedByThe user who created the task.
X. CreatedByIdThe Fluid ID of the user who created the task.
Y. CreatedByRef
The username of the user who created the task.
Z. ModifiedThe date that the task was last updated.
AA. ModifiedByThe user who last updated the task.
AB. ModifiedByIdThe unique Id of the individual who last updated/made changes to the task.
AC. ModifiedByRefThe username of the user who last updated the task.
AD. ClosedDateThe date the task was closed/completed.