December 2021 Release Notes

Modified on Fri, 10 Dec 2021 at 10:03 AM

8th December Patch Release

New - Project funding upload automatically calculates total project funding amount

  • If you are uploading project funding amount for different fiscal years, the upload process will automatically calculate the total amount for the project duration if this amount is not present in the file being uploaded.
  • As an example, if you upload the below file
    then the upload process will automatically calculate the total project funding amount and set it to $600,000.
  • The same logic applies when uploading fiscal year funding amounts against expense types. 

New - Customise the resource plans status values 

  • Resource plan status values can now be configured by system administrators to meet your organisation requirements.
  • Simply navigate to the metadata page accessible from the Administration console and update the values as required.

Enhancement - Exporting board tasks to Excel

  • Export to Excel functionality for board tasks has been enhanced to offer more options when reporting on board data.
  • You can access the new functionality by selecting Export to Excel under the Tools menu on the backlog page

    You can then select one of the three options.

    • Download Backlog Task - Select this option if you want to export all tasks that are in the backlog.
    • Download Sprint Tasks (if you are on a sprint board) / Download Kanban Board tasks(if you are on a Kanban board)
      • In the case of a sprint board, the export will return all tasks from all active and upcoming sprints. 
      • The export will include all tasks from open boards in the case of a Kanban board.
    • Download All Tasks - Use this export if you want to export backlog tasks and all Sprint or Kanban tasks together.


Performance Enhancement

  • We have made few changes to the chat channels to reduce the load on the database.  


  • Removed the ability for users with Project Viewer role to update timesheets if their are not the resource's manager.
  • You can now use the resource plan upload feed to remove a manager from a user record. Simply leave the manager value empty in the file being uploaded.
  • Project Details upload process has been enhanced to detect circular references in project hierarchies.
  • Fixed an issue with meeting capture.

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