April 2019 Release Notes

Modified on Mon, 29 Apr 2019 at 09:11 AM



  • FEATURE : Ability to override the lock date restrictions and automatically report your resource forecast as actuals for past months
  • ENHANCEMENT : Project Template Reports now roll up actions & decisions from sub projects as well as linked meetings
  • ENHANCEMENT : Bulk update your project details using the Bulk Edit function from Watchlists, the list of projects is only those you can access in the view seen.  
  • ENHANCEMENT : Ability to delete financial forecast rows when they have no impact on closed months.
  • BUG : Fixed invalid date rendering on status report view
  • BUG : Fixed rendering issue for resource charts on watchlists when user doesn't have permission 
  • Improved status max length validation message on status strapline
  • Project Template Reports now roll up actions & decisions from sub projects as well as linked meetings


  • BUG : Fixed issue where meeting owners / facilitators cannot update a members action status.


  • ENHANCEMENT : Added support to synchronise AD group members to Fluid security roles via SCIM api.



  • Use the microphone key on the mobile keyboard to record messages into a chat stream. 
    • 'slash action' renders /Action
    • 'slash decision' renders /Decision
    • 'hashtag <name>' renders #<name>


  • A short code is now assigned to each project for easy reference. The project code can be seen in the details section of the project workspace. By default, the short code is made of the initials of the project name.

  • The short code value can be changed in Project Settings

  • Project Impacts and Schedule Tasks IDs can now be easily reference as the IDs are prefixed with the project short code

  • Project Details, Project Impacts and Project Schedule exports all include a new column for the Short Code Id


  • Export Gantt Chart image to Word or PowerPoint. 
  • The image generated represents the GANTT view as shown on the project workspace (i.e. only the schedule tasks that have been promoted to Dashboard are rendered).



  • Attendees and Guests labels are now displayed separately in Print Minutes
  • Alternative name for Attendees and Guests can be set up to be used in Print Minutes and Export to Template.


  • Board tasks can now be filtered by Overdue. The new filter is available on both list view or board view.
  • Board tasks export file includes the last status update of each task.


  • Projects section on the project workspace has been renamed Sub Projects to be more accurate
  • Executive field cannot be edited by project managers if the "Extended Project Security" feature is turned on
  • Configuration feature added to show / hide the Resources Missing Forecast component on the home page (feature is called: Show Missing Resource Forecast)
  • Financials
    • Approved column in the financial component is now configurable; it can be renamed or the column can be hidden. 
    • The Funding label is now also configurable and can be renamed.
    • Full Year Financial Report has been improved to show the next five years forecast amount the the total cost of the project at completion 
    • Approved Funding upload/download functionality on Financial Administration page has been renamed Project Funding.
  • Feeds
    • Project Details feed can now be set as a scheduled job.
    • IT Master upload feed can now be set to run as a nightly job
    • Resource Forecast upload allows to allocate the same user with different roles to the same project  
  • Project reporting
    • Changed Headcount component on Applications and Team watchlist pages to display headcount percentage instead of headcount number. 
    • Renamed the component to 'Resource by Category'.
    • Project by Category component changed to display percentage or number - depending on settings.


  • Fix capitalisation job and capitalisation report issues
  • Fixed Invalid Date on View Status Report page

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