Export your project data to Word or PowerPoint using pre-defined templates or create your own custom report template.

Project status reports are a very important way to keep your key stakeholders and clients updated on the project status and progress. The Export to Word and PowerPoint functionality gives you an easy way to automatically extract your project report in either format. 

Fluid has a number of default templates available - but you can also create your own custom templates! You can learn how to in this article.

You can export a project report from:

To extract a report go to Tools -> Export to Word/Powerpoint.

Find the report you want to download and then click on Select. The Template Library tab lists the default templates whilst the tab with the name of your application ('Fluid' in the below image) lists the custom templates that have been uploaded.

If the project has sub projects you can generate a report for each sub project and/or include the sub project information in the report. Learn more about these features here.

Note that if the report is being extracted for a single project from the Project Workspace you can download the template directly from the dialog. If extracting a report for multiple projects from a dashboard watchlist report page the report will be emailed to you once it has been processed.

Note that i you want to make some changes to an existing template, you can click on the download icon to download the underlying template. Once your have made the required changes, upload the updated template to the Documents section of the workspace and make sure that its type is set to Dashboard Template.