New Functionality: Tranche Funding

  • New Tranche Funding component on project workspace
    • User must have financial access to see it
    • Data is first displayed in a concise view with the ability to display all columns by selecting Expended View
  • Tranche Funding download / upload functionality added to Financial Administration and Data Administration page 
    • Data Administrators must also have Financial Access role to see the functionality on Data Administration page
  • Tranche Funding download functionality added to project workspace and watchlist pages
    • Tranche funding data for the project and its sub projects are included in the download file.


  • Can now export project financials to Word or PPT

  • Financial Full Year report amended to include two new columns: 
    1. Remaining Forecast = forecast entered past the current Fiscal Year 
    2. Total Project EAC = Prior Year Actual + YTD Cash Actual + ROY Cash Forecast + Remaining Forecast  

Improvements and Bug Fixes


  • Pencil icon is now used consistently across the application to represent Edit functionality
  • New user is automatically logged in after completing completing the registration form
  • Changed the title of template section on the General Settings page from 'Project Dashboard Templates' to 'Export Templates'.


  • When creating a follow-on action, the 'Send and Close' button  only closes the follow-on action dialog
  • Non admin users can now view the Action Dashboard of a group channel


  • Fixed 'Copy from Previous' and 'Add Open Actions' behaviour
    • Rules for copy from previous:
      • All items from the previous session only should be listed:
        • all agendas
        • all notes
        • all actions and decisions regardless of their status
      • Actions/Decisions sent to the meeting should NOT be listed (they can be added from Add Open Items)
    • Rules for Add Open Actions:
      • All open actions /decisions should be listed. This includes:
        • all open actions/decisions that were created in meeting sessions
        • all open actions/decisions that were sent TO the meting
        • all open actions/decisions that were sent BY the meeting using the Create Action dialog or bulk edit 


  • Changed 'Add Actuals' button to 'Edit Actuals' on project workspace financial component
  • Removed None filter option for YesNo custom property type on project watchlists    
  • Fixed Close button on Project Network page


  • When a new action/decision is created using /command, the action notification is only sent to the assignee

Custom Properties

  • Ability to set custom properties to Admin Locked


  • Timesheet approval request is immediately removed from the view once the user has approved the timesheet or returned it for amendment