November 2018 Release Notes

Modified on Thu, 03 Jan 2019 at 04:29 PM

New Functionality: Line of Business (LOB)

LOB Name Management

  • New tab added to Metadata page to manage LOB names
  • Export / Upload metadata functionality amended to include LOB Names

LOB Project allocation

  • New LOB component on project settings page
    • Ability to add / edit and delete LOB allocation splits
    • LOB allocation records have a start and end month, i.e. the allocation split is only valid from the first of the start month until the last day of the end month.
    • LOB allocation records dates cannot overlap.
    • A record with no end date means that the allocation split is valid indefinitely from the start month.
    • The allocation split must always total to 100%.
  • New LOB Project Allocation upload / download functionality on Financial Administration page

LOB Project Financials

  • New LOB Project Financials download functionality added to the Financial Administration page and the Projects watchlists
  • LOB project financials download functionality is available for financial administrators from the financial admin page and from the export dropdown on any project watchlist or project workspace. 

  • LOB allocation percentages are applied to both forecast and actuals that are included in the full year forecast. 

  • A date range can be applied to the export functionality when applied from the watchlist or the project workspace. The functionality on the financial admin page only returns data for the current financial year. 

Timesheet Corrections

  • Resources on capped hours rate card should not be able to submit corrections

Improvements and Bug Fixes


  • Chat icons now display 3 different states: black if there is no chat entries, green if chat entries exist and red with count if there are unread items.
  • Configurable carousel added to homepage
  • Chat Hub: 'Show Actions' and action count on full chat toolbar available for Boards
  • Clear lock time stamp for locked accounts when account is updated by user admin or the user password is reset 
  • Ability to configure a "worker" node for all background jobs such as Excel extracts, mails and long running jobs


  • Meeting analytics excel export available on meeting dashboard page
  • Capture improvements:
    • Update meeting session page when an item description is updated using the Advanced dialog
    • Unread chat count is only visible if a live update event occurred
    • Attachment count visible when not selected
    • Attachment count fix on live update
    • Alt-enter to enter a new line (in addition to shift-enter)
    • Add (+) button visible on agenda when item is not selected


  • Pencil to access Project settings is now displayed before the project name
  • Portfolio watchlist menu improved to support portfolio and sub-portfolio filtering 
  • Lightweight gantt view on project workspace displaying the following key traits for promoted items:
    • RAG
    • Status (In Progress, Overdue, Completed)
  • Fixes to Gantt and Schedule functionality with improvements to nesting tasks
  • Schedule Task Bulk Edit: ability to specify task order and task hierarchy
  • A project can declare a dependency to itself (default status handshake action automatically set to approved)
  • Project filters - parent project and child projects filter options are mutually exclusive
  • Fixed Person Custom Props logic on Query Manager 

Financials & Capitalization

  • FDE - Removed Editors columns  
  • FDE - On prem specific performance optimization & caching for FDE data sets
  • Provided alternate FDE extract formats for more specific (smaller) data sets:
    • Full Year Financial View where data returned is FYF = Yes
    • Forecast Only
    • Actuals Only
    • Financials without custom properties
  • New: Resource forecast bulk edit to edit 12 month view of resource allocations in excel format
  • Capitalization Job - refactored to ensure end to end completion and resilience to SQL time out issues during job period.  


  • Rate Cards management
    • download / upload rate card functionality added to Rate Card Management page
  • Resource plan upload
    • new column to specify user default watchlist


  • Meetings
    • Conclude Meeting reminder email sent a day after the meeting to the meeting owner if the meeting session has draft actions and the session has not been concluded
    • Overdue Meeting Action email reminder sent to meeting members a day prior to the next session

Mobile App 

  • Various bug fixes and performance improvements

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