Manage your project ideas, submissions & business case using Fluid's board add on for projects. The Project Pipeline Board is Fluid's answer to inefficient processes that use email, spreadsheets and ill-equipped software, where requests for projects are often improperly approved, fail to provide critical details, place conflicting demands on resources, lead to subpar project deliverables and become lost.

Many of the processes involved in project planningfrom ideation to launch, are streamlined. With capabilities for task management, project visualisation, collaboration, and reporting, Fluid decreases confusing workflows and optimises the entire project management process from start to end.

The Project Pipeline Board therefore: 

  • Brings your offline intake/demand management into a managed process;
  • Configures and manages your business cases from ideas to execution and close; 
  • Triage, prioritises, plans and approves your project portfolio;
  • Ensures visibility of upcoming work, giving you the opportunity to plan and manage your resources; 
  • Democratises the process of change.

Fluid's pipeline process allows you to create a project at any stage from a board, by simply dragging a project task to a flagged column. This allows an automated process, where the user doesn't have to manually create a project.

For a detailed description of how to create a Project Pipeline Board, click here.