Creating follow on actions/decisions on a board task

Modified on Fri, 06 Jan 2023 at 04:38 PM

When a business case is established, there are a number of tasks, actions and decisions required for the workflow to move from start to completion. However, along the way certain tasks may require additional actions that pertain specifically to that initially created task, and/or decisions that become necessary in order for that task to move to the next stage. 

In these instances, you can create "follow on actions" or "decisions" that link to the specific task they originate from. Therefore, a follow on action/decision can only be created from an initially created task that requires further action or approval. 

In this article, we'll show you how you can easily create a follow on action or decision from an existing task. 

Let's begin with an example!

The example below is from an existing board task that was created initially. You'll notice the Follow On option in the left navigation panel of the task details dialog. 

You'll also notice the number of follow on actions/decisions that have been created from this task as per the selection below.

Step 1. Assign a follow on action/decision to the current board

  • Click to select the follow-on section from the left of the dialog.
  • Click on the "+ Action/Decision" button.

  • Once the dialog opens, select which request type you are creating, (Action or Decision). 
  • In the Assigned To section, you can enter the team member that the follow on action/decision needs to be assigned to. There is also a filter which conveniently allows you to select the module type in which you can run the search for assigning the action/decision.

Step 2. Tracking follow on actions through initial task

In this example, the action is assigned to a team member to complete the activity on the product review. 

  • For the board owner, once the action or decision has been created, they will be able to click on the Follow On option of the initial task to view and track all statuses and updates.

  • For the assignee of the action/decision, they will be able to access the request directly from their personal My Items section on the homepage.

  • The assignee has the option to set the follow on action status from Not started to "In progress", (or whichever status the action is in), as well as click on the request to add further status details. 

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